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15 Things From Amazon Every Grown Ass Woman Needs In Her Bathroom

15 Things From Amazon Every Grown Ass Woman Needs In Her Bathroom

15 Things From Amazon Every Grown Ass Woman Needs For Her Bathroom

If you’re like me, there’s something super exciting about having anything in the world readily available at your fingertips with the click of a button, and we can thank Amazon for that. In the ginormous world of Amazon, I can get lost searching for amazing deals, new beauty trends and the top-rated tried and true things that I need in my life. As a beauty professional and hair stylist behind the chair,  I know what works and I want the good stuff!  Below, I have gathered a list of 15 things from Amazon every grown ass woman needs in her bathroom to either simplify, signify or beautify her routine!

1) Facial Oil

It’s just absolutely unlike any other product that I have ever tried !!  This simply is the best face oil ever.  It contains a powerful component called Azulene (the rich deep blue color) that kills bacteria that clogs the pores and enhances the complexion.  Also acts as a powerful anti-inflammatory that reduces redness and calms the skin.  Perfect for all skin types and the best yet;  its 100% Natural and 100% vegan.  Formulated without the bad stuff, this one is a Gem.  I use it at night after I cleanse and in the morning before I moisturize.

2) An “At Home” Facial

Lets face it, we all have skin and believe it or not, we all have pores… those pores, especially on our face,  are the most exposed to all kinds of bacteria and dirt becoming clogged and creating dreadful, hard to get rid of, blackheads. Leaving blackheads in the pores creates larger pores that eventually become hard to shrink and then your left with large pores and well…that’s just not good. Steam your face to open up the pores and apply this over the congested areas for just two seconds and viola! Also tightens skin with LED light, exfoliates skin and reduces oil.


3) This Facial Mud Mask

I love Farmhouse Fresh because they are all natural and I know what’s going on/in my skin. Usually, I use this once a week, and when I say I know what works… this stuff works. I use at night and rinse off with cool water. It tingles a bit and creates blood circulation on the face, almost like a facial without the hands.

4) This LED Shower Head

Just because you’re a grown woman doesn’t mean you can’t have a little fun.  When you turn the shower on, this fun and soothing light brings “taking a shower” to a whole new level!




5) An LED Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are essential, and this little nifty gadget is just pretty enough to sit on the bathroom counter. With seven changeable LED lights and a mist mode, this is a sure way to bring the spa to you. It’s so relaxing and such a wonderful experience. My favorite oils I like to add are Lavender,  Lemon and Eucalyptus. If you have a cold, add some peppermint and the steam of the hot shower will work wonders!


6) A Wet Brush For the Worst Tangles

Tangled hair, no problem…long hair, no problem…curly hair, no problem! Save time and the health of your hair with this miracle brush that was created to comb through wet hair and energize your scalp, one brush at a time. You’ll be amazed at how fast you can brush through those tangles.



7) CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser

I have used every expensive cleanser on the market. This one is on the list because it’s the last facial cleanser that I will ever use! The creamy formula contains ceramides that are highly important to your skin care regimen. Ceramides are lipid molecules that hold skin cells together, forming a protective layer that plump and keep the skin hydrated.


8) This Fabulous Candle

Nestled in a beautiful tin; this lush fragrant Goji Tarrocco Orange candle will lift your spirits and calm your senses with just one whiff.

9) Vegan Bath Bombs

I don’t know about you, but anything that comes beautifully wrapped always gets me excited! Please allow me introduce you to these cute little bath bombs. Vegan and loaded with 100% all natural ingredients including essential oils. Unwrap, drop in the tub, breath, and enjoy.

10) Quietude Calming Mist

Shhhhh… Quietude Calming Mist has done it right when it comes to a fragrance that honestly makes you want to relax. This doubles as a room spray or a body spray. I spray this on after the shower and it’s quickly absorbed into the skin leaving behind a slightly sweet soft scent. I’m often asked “what is that you’re wearing” ? I usually say my pheromones, then laugh and rave at how much I love this stuff.



11) A Skin Peel Kit

For starters, this stuff keeps skin fresh and new. Exfoliates, lightens pigmentation, minimizes the appearance of freckles, scars, and fine lines. I use this once every seven days and the more you use it, the longer you will be able to leave it on. It tingles a bit, so make sure the skin is clean before you apply the Youthful Glow, and neutralize after the requested time with baking soda and cool water. Follow with the antioxidant repairing cream.

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12) A Satin Robe

Every woman needs a nice satin robe to wrap around herself when she’s getting ready! I just love the way it feels, and it’s so light and airy. Often times, when blowing out my hair, it get’s so hot, so this keeps me cool and refreshed!



13) The BaBylissPRO Blow Dryer

As a stylist, I have had my fair share of hair dryers.  The Babyliss Pro Nano Titanian is at the top of my list, and I recommend this to all my clients! This dryer does the job in less than half of the time of a basic hair dryer. The Ionic generator conditions the hair, closing the hair cuticle for a smooth blowout. This feature also protects the hair from harmful heat ions!



14) This Set Of Ceramic Brushes

A great finish to any blowout is always complete with the prefect brush. The ultimate brushes that have never failed me are the Olivia Garden Ceramic Professional Thermal Brushes. These brushes are perfect for any hair type. The ceramic barrel helps to add shine, body and 100% static free. Side note: hit the cool button on your dryer and hold for a few seconds to lock in your style and increase shine!

15) Poo-Pourri Before-You-Go Toilet Spray 

Go and no one will ever know!  POO- POURRI is not just a “must have” for my bathroom but for all bathrooms. This scent is my favorite, but they come in many different scents!

15 things from amazon every woman needs in her bathroom
Do you know of any other things from Amazon every grown ass woman needs in her bathroom? Share in the comments below!

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