20 Things No One Tells You About Freshman Year At ASU

Congratulations! You have officially entered Arizona State University. Making the transition from high school to college is a huge change. Suddenly, you’re a freshman again. You’re on a new campus, surrounded by unfamiliar faces, and the first few weeks of school will go by in an excited blur. Although it can be a lot to take in, these tips will help make sure you’ll have the time of your life at ASU!

1. The dining halls are a great place to be.

Aside from eating meals at the dining halls, students often come together there to study, socialize, and bond. It’s a place where you can meet new friends, or grow closer with people you already know. In fact, the reason meal plans are required for freshmen is because ASU wants new students to meet each other and find their niche. In addition, there are always baskets of fruit set in the dining hall, so feel free to pop a few apples into your backpack for later!


2. Go to school events!

There are always posters put up on the walls of residential halls, inside the Sun Devil Fitness Center, or just around campus advertising various events. GO TO THEM. Not only is there almost always free food, but you may also find a new club or organization that interests you.


3. Don’t ditch intro classes.

They may be boring, but attendance will be a huge portion of your grade.

4. Sunscreen is your friend.

The Arizona sun is unforgiving and unstoppable. Sunscreen will keep you from getting sunburnt and will therefore protect your skin. You’ll probably still develop extreme tan lines, though.


5. Go to GRIND.

Among the free fitness classes the Sun Devil Fitness Complex offers, GRIND is one of the most popular. It is an intense cardio workout with dances that takes inspiration from modern trends. Hence the name GRIND. In this class, you will twerk, body roll, and GRIND to your hearts content.

Happy National Dance Day! Throwing it back to the best picture ever taken in Grind last semester 🔥

A photo posted by Danny L (@dannylabb) on Jul 30, 2016 at 3:07pm PDT


6. Beware of long boarders and bicyclists.

Walk in a straight line, and on one side of the sidewalk.

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7. Food is everywhere.

It is a well-known fact that food is one of the best incentives for college students. As a result, there will always be food offered at club meetings, receptions, and various events around school.

8. There is a crepe store on campus.

The Crepe Club is near the Noble Library, and their caprese crepe is amazing.

Saturday brunchin’ #howisummer #brunch

A photo posted by The Crepe Club (@thecrepeclub) on Aug 13, 2016 at 11:23am PDT


9. There is a hot dog store on campus.

Dave’s Doghouse is near Discovery Hall, however they usually also have a food truck near the library most days.


10. Check out Sparky’s Den.

Located at the lower level of the Memorial Union, Sparky’s Den is a laid back area with pool tables and televisions. You can even bowl! It’s a great place to hang out with friends and relax after a day of classes.

💖~*Bowling Bitches*~💖

A photo posted by Ale-ale-jandro (@alejandroruizzz) on Nov 24, 2015 at 6:38pm PST


11. Don’t buy all your textbooks before the first day of class.

Instructors don’t always teach out of their textbooks, and they might not be necessary. Wait until the first day of class, where the instructor will usually tell you if a book will be needed. You can also rent books for a lower price and return them at the end of the semester.

12. Read school-sent emails.

School newsletters include information about research opportunities, events, volunteering, and many more opportunities.

13. It’s okay to switch your major.

College is a time of change and exploration, so don’t feel pressured to continue with your initial major simply out of obligation. In fact, a majority of students will change what they want to study. You will still graduate, and still be successful. Don’t let fear prevent you from pursuing your passions!

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14. Learn the Sun Devil Fight Song.

Great for hyping up school events, and especially great for game days.


A photo posted by Sun Devil Spirit Squad (@asuspiritsquad) on Oct 22, 2016 at 10:35pm PDT


15. Take time for yourself.

Although you might want to participate in everything, and the fear of missing out (FOMO) will push you to go to as many events as you can, it is also important to relax. Taking time out of your schedule for self-care is so important, and it will keep you from becoming spread too thin throughout the year.

16. Go to an IGNITE Talk.

IGNITE Talks are hosted by Changemaker Central, and occur every semester. Like TED Talks, student speakers for IGNITE tell five minute stories about their life experiences. It’s always amazing to hear about what others have accomplished, and you will leave the talk feeling incredibly inspired.

Attempted to speak publicly @ Ignite ASU

A photo posted by Ryan Kemmer (@ryankemcorn) on Nov 4, 2016 at 6:18pm PDT


17. Mill is a fun place to explore.

Mill Avenue is near campus, and aside from many great restaurants, there is also a movie theater, a candy store, multiple novelty ice cream shops, and even a weekly farmers market!


18. Take some fun classes.

ASU is known for its variety of different classes, and although they may not fit in your major, sometimes it’s just enjoyable to take an underwater basket weaving class. Or Argentine Tango. Whatever you desire, ASU probably has a class for it.

ASU has lots of fun classes to take, so take advantage of them!

19. On Fridays we wear gold.

Like Mean Girls, but better.


20. Don’t be afraid to use ASU Safety Escort.

ASU Safety Escort is a 24/7 service that will give you a free ride back to campus if you need it, no questions asked. After a night of partying, or if you’re just stranded somewhere, ASU Safety Escort will send you back safely. Everyone at ASU is here to help and wants to see you succeed, so believe in yourself. College is going to be an unforgettable experience. Forks Up!


Do you have any other tips for surviving freshman year at ASU? Share them below!

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