15 Friends TV Show Gift Ideas For The Obsessed Fans

Things for people who absolutely love the tv show Friends! Funny Friends quotes, mugs, and clothing for any Friends show fan!

Do you know someone who can quote every episode of Friends? Or someone who’s always binge watching Friends when you go to their house? Or maybe you’re that person. If so, you’ve come to the right place! Here are some of the best Friends TV show gift ideas for people who love the TV show Friends!

1. These Mugs For You And Your Bestie

Perfect for best friends to give their other partner in crime. After all, every Monica has a Rachel and every Rachel has a Monica.

These Friends TV show gift ideas are so cute!

2. The Sweatshirt That Tells It Like It Is

Of course you don’t need no new friends when you have Monica, Pheobe, Rachel, Ross, Joey and Chandler. Duhhhh!

3. The Only Pens You’ll Need

The hardest part of your day should consist of which one of these pens to use for note taking.

4. This Silly Coffee Mug

A unique gift to perk up anyone’s morning.

These Friends TV show gift ideas are so cute!

5.  This Amazing Wall Art

Show your appreciation to those you love with this cute wall art that we owe to Ross’s adoration for dinosaurs.

6.  A Poster For The Friends Obsessed

A great addition to any Friends obsessed fan collection with some of the best quotes and lines from the show.

7. The Only Travel Mug You Need

Let your fan-crazed loved one drink their coffee in true style. I’m sure we all wish we could be sipping some coffee at The Central Perk right now. *Sigh*

Friends Central Perk Travel Mug

8. This Mug With Some Pretty Useful Insight

Start their morning with this pick me up mug. There’s nothing like a little Friends inspiration to get you through the day.

These Friends TV show gift ideas are so cute!

9. A Super Cute Phone Case

Who doesn’t want their phone to rock their favorite show? I know I do! This is definitely one of the cutest Friends TV show gift ideas!

10. Give This Funny Gift To Your “Lobster”

Give them a gift that’s guaranteed to make them smile… or even shed a tear. Just make sure they’ve seen the show! Comes with a mug and a lobster plushie.

11. The Infamous Sofa T-Shirt

Let your wardrobe speak for itself.

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12. Only The Best Quotes On Magnets

A unique household gift to further feed anyone’s obsession.

These Friends TV show gift ideas are so cute!

13. A Friends Inspired Greeting Card

A nice greeting card with a small way of acknowledging their obsession.

14. Key Chains For You And Your Bestie

An adorable pair of key rings perfect for both you and your other half.

15. Monica’s “Peephole” Photo Frame

The perfect frame to display your very own friendship.

These Friends TV show gift ideas are so cute!

Do you know of any other Friends TV show gift ideas that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!
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I love this friends tv show quote from Rachel!
Things For People Who Love The TV Show Friends
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