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25 Things For People Obsessed With Pizza

25 Things For People Obsessed With Pizza

Check out this gift guide of 25 things for people obsessed with pizza. (Because seriously, who doesn't love pizza? Anyone?)

I love pizza. Seriously, who doesn’t love pizza? (Shout-out to dairy-free and gluten-free pizza!) Pizza is the best. It’s supreme, it’s forever, it’s the ultimate comfort food. And for everyone obsessed with pizza, we love to express it in everything we have! Here’s an awesome list of things for people obsessed with pizza. Warning: you might get a little hungry after reading this!

  pizza is my true love.

1. The mug that tells it like it is.

A nice mug for morning coffee that displays your love for pizza AND basically reaffirms you don’t need no man.

Slant 20oz Caroline Mug - Pizza Soul Mate



2. A cropped tee.

It’s stylish, on trend, and goes with everything!

3. A shirt that speaks nothing but the truth.

LOL. The perfect shirt to wear to your next family gathering so no one will bother to ask the dreaded question.


4. Or the tee that reminds you what (rather than who) is really important in life.

Forget a human BAE. This one is much truer to you.

5. The perfect shirt for winter.

It’s the only love triangle you’ll ever want to be in. And the only thing you’ll need during hibernation season.

6. A Nice Warm Sock Delivery

Have you ever seen socks presented in a cuter way? I haven’t…


7. A sweater for the minimalists out there.

Even a little pizza goes a long way.


8. The Merry Crustmas Sweatshirt.

During the winter, it’s always important to have a sweatshirt to show off your pizza pride.

Image result for merry crustmas


This pouch is basically a must-have for any avid pizza eater. Bring a slice on-the-go no matter where you go!

10. Pizza socks.

Your sock swag will always be on point.

11. This Luggage Tag For The Travelers.

Never confuse your suitcase with anyone else’s again now that you’ve got this amazing pizza luggage tag!

12. A Pizza Pen

Who needs an ordinary BIC pen to take notes when you can have this bad ass pen?


13. For all the Vans and pizza lovers out there.

The lace-up sneakers are a perfect alternative to the slip-ons.

14. The Perfect Pizza Decal

Put in on your laptop, notebook, car, wherever you want. Show your pizza pride!


15. Pizza friendship bracelets.

These gorgeous bracelets are a wonderful way for you and your friends to all show your unconditional love for pizza.

16. Add to your growing jewelry collection with these pizza earrings!

These are handmade from Etsy and are absolutely beautiful! Get ready for endless compliments from your friends! They’re making me hungry by just looking at them….


17. This snazzy watch is great to showcase your love for pizza.

You may not look at it to actually tell the time, but it looks cool on your wrist, so who cares?

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18. A Yoga mat.

Yoga is a fantastic form of exercise, since you’ve got to burn all those pizza calories. Eat it, burn it, eat it again.

19. Perfect accessory for the beach.

Because, did you even go to the beach if you don’t have a pic of you laying on this ?

20. Who’s the Queen? You, of course.

The pizza phone case, because let’s be real, it’s what you see the most every day.


21. What could be better than this tote right now?

The tote that says everything your brain is screaming at this moment in time.


22. Perfect Tote For Bae

Or, when you’re feeling particularly lovey-dovey, this tote is for you.


23. A pizza backpack.

Because when you’re walking on campus with your pizza shirts or sweaters, shoes or socks, the people behind you can’t see your pizza love.

24. A pizza notebook.

The only thing that makes class notes fun. I’m officially starving now.

25. A Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Pizza Poster.

TMNT + Pizza = Childhood Nostalgia Heaven. Of all of the things for people obsessed with pizza, this one is a must. Plus, it’s a great way to decorate your dorm room!

Okay, that’s it. If you aren’t starving for pizza now, you’re not a true pizza lover. Do you have any other ideas for things for people obsessed with pizza ? Share in the comments below!

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