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14 Things Everyone Should Do Before They Pick A College Major

14 Things Everyone Should Do Before They Pick A College Major

The most dreaded question is now being asked; what are you studying in college? Here are 14 easy ways to help decide your college major.

For any high school graduate the most dreaded question is now being asked; what are you studying in college?  For some this comes with an easy answer.  For the rest us this question makes us run and  hide in the darkest corner of our rooms. Here are 14 easy ways to help decide your college major.

1. Take College Major Quizzes

Websites such as or help.  Both of these look at your personality, your lifestyle, and likes and dislikes.  Now, these may not always be accurate because it all depends on how truthful you are.  For example, after finishing one of these quizzes, I got told I should be a biology major.  I already know I’m not the best at science and I’m going into communications.  But, there are some that do direct you to the right direction for a choice for majors.  Try a couple different websites!

2. Figure Out if You Are an Extrovert or Introvert

This will make a big difference on what type of major you will want.  Typically you don’t see introverts becoming school counselors.  But, hey that’s just me.

3. Find Something You’re Passionate About

For me this happened during high school in my TV/Broadcast classes.  The great part about ASU though is that there are so many options for majors.  But, whatever major you choose make sure it isn’t anything you would get bored with studying or making a career out of.  I mean this is your future we’re talking about!

4. Talk to Your Counselors

I know that during high school, my senior counselor really helped me. She helped me figure out how my passion for broadcasting could match to a major and what college I should go to for it. You can also ask your counselor what classes you should be taking to increase your chances of A) getting into a specific school and B) help you out in your future college classes. If you are already in college, try talking to your academic advisors (they are basically the equivalent to a high school counselor).


5. Consider All Your Options

When most people figure out their majors they think of very popular ones such as nursing or law. Do not do that! Think outside of the box and find something that sounds thrilling and interesting to you.

6. Know That It Is OK To Change Your Major

This is not typically something you are told when choosing your major but it should be known.  Just because you pick one now does not mean it is permanent.  Even if you do change your major, it is very likely that you will graduate in the regular four year span!

7. Get To Know Yourself

Whether in high school or college take different classes to learn what you like and dislike.  You may go in thinking you love sociology, that is until you take the class and have a burning urge to drop out of it.  Things like that will help you form a solid idea of what you want to major in.

8. Attempt College Board’s Career Worksheet

Collegeboard offers a step-by step career worksheet.  This worksheet consist of three easy steps on how to decide on a major that will excite you.  Now I know nobody wants to do a worksheet, it’s summer.  You’re suppose to be enjoying the sun and all the free time you have. This really helps any student struggling to figure out a major though!

9. Talk To People Who Have The Career You Want

What also helped me was talking to my aunt, who is a news anchor in Los Angeles, about her college experience. She didn’t go to ASU but she did study broadcast journalism when she was attending college. I asked her about what classes she took, what her internships where like, and if she enjoyed going to school for it. This helped me in confirming that I did want to go into broadcasting. So, try finding someone to talk to about your future career.  A lot of professionals are willing to talk to students about it as well!

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10. Consider The Earning Potential

Your parents will say it doesn’t matter how much you make as long you enjoy doing it.  Wrong!  You will need to provide a roof over your head, food in your pantry, and clothes to wear after college.  Make sure to pick a major that will lead to a career that will provide for you.

11. Ask Yourself These Questions

  • How much schooling am I willing to commit to?
  • What are the requirements for this major?
  • What kind of life do you want to lead?
  • What do you value?

12. Be Proactive

A lot of academic departments have academically focused clubs for what you would want to major in.  Go to some of these meetings to find out if this major fits you.  When at these meetings talk to some of the students in the school and major you are considering.


13. Google “Careers For People…”

My mom did me a big favor and did this for me.  Go to google and search “careers for people” and list different things that make you who you are. Include things such as what you like, dislike, and personality traits. For example my mom searched “careers for people who like talking, like writing, aren’t good at science, good with technology, and like taking videos”.  If possible, try having someone else describe you for this!

14. Take A Breath

Often times high school graduates spend so much time researching what to do next.  Maybe that comes from all the research papers that we have to write, but it helps to just take a breath and decide then.  You don’t want your entire future to be based off of something that you looked up.  You want to enjoy what you are doing.

Good luck to all of you trying to figure out your majors!  Keep in mind to take it one day at a time!

What are some things you did to help pick your college major? Share in the comments below!
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