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10 Things Every Virginia Tech Student Should Know

Whether you’re a freshman or a senior, there is always something to learn at VT. Here are 10 things that every Virginia Tech student should know.

1. Your Hokie P is your life.

Your Hokie P card is your key to swiping into your dorm. You buy food at dining halls with it. You check into the Math Emporium with it, and have to have it when you take tests there (and sometimes other classes make you have it to prove you are you). Do your best not to lose it, because you’re literally lost at Virginia Tech without it.

2. You should always have an umbrella or rain jacket.

Blacksburg weather is literally bipolar, and therefore very very unpredictable. It could be sunny one second, and then pouring rain the next. It’s a good idea to just have an umbrella in your book bag in case you leave class and discover that it’s storming, and you have to walk across the Drillfield to get back to your dorm.



3. The Drillfield in the winter is painful.

If it’s cold or windy, you might just want to avoid crossing the Drillfield altogether. If it’s snowing, you’re done. The Drillfield is like walking into a blizzard, because the breeze is so strong and you literally can’t breathe. Tears will suddenly appear in your eyes, and you will want to turn around and get back in bed. So cross wisely in the winter.

4. You should really try to get involved!

Just do it. Whether you do Big Event, Relay for Life, 3.2 for 32, Greek Life, Student Government, or any clubs, you won’t regret it. There is so much to do and you should take advantage of having so many great opportunities available to you. It’s a great way to take a break from doing homework or studying and meet new people.

5. The chicken parm line is worth the wait.

Even if the line is wrapped around the corner of the salad bar, you should wait. Chicken parm is definitely worth the line, because it’s so incredible. The workers know how to move people through the line in a decent amount of time, and trust me, you won’t regret it. You’ll also learn that they like to ask you if you want short or long noodles.

6. The Virginia Tech dining app is a great resource.

This became my best friend, because it tells you when the dining halls open and close, as well as the specials they are having. It’ll save you from walking all the way to West End or Turner only to find out that they closed an hour before you got there, because you lost track of what time it was.

7. You should download BT4U, the Blacksburg transit app.

This will tell you all the buses and their routes. It will show you the times the buses will be at certain stops. Buses can be hit or miss depending on the day, because they can be running late or a few minutes early, so try to get to the bus stop early just to be safe. On weekends, they only run once an hour instead of every 15 minutes.

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8. Beware of Au Bon Pain.

The Virginia Tech ABP has the best pastries, bagels, and sandwiches, but it’s so small that no matter where you stand when you’re waiting for your food, someone will want to get by you. There isn’t really a good place for you to wait when ten other people are also waiting.



9. The library is always busy.

It can be a challenge to find a place to sit at the library. You have to get there as early as you can, because this is where most off-campus students go in between classes. But sometimes you’ll get lucky, and someone is leaving right when you get there. This is not necessarily a bad thing, because it shows how hardworking and dedicated the students are, but it can be frustrating when you really need a good place to study alone or with a group of friends. During finals week is the worst. You have to constantly go in circles looking for a place to sit, or go to another floor entirely.

10. The Math Empo can be a huge help.

Almost every freshman at Virginia Tech has to take a class at the Math Emporium. When you don’t understand something, you put your orange cup on top of your computer and hope that someone can help you. During the day of an exam, the line can be backed up and you will want to cry; so try to take the exam a day early if you can, or get there as soon as possible the day of the exam.

What else should every Virginia Tech student know? Comment below!
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