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10 Things Every University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University Of Wisconsin Eau Claire Student Asks Themselves

If you're a student at the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire, it's guaranteed you've asked yourself these questions at least once.

Why you’re going to school in western Wisconsin is a question in itself. However, there are many more questions that you’ll come to ask yourself while attending University of Wisconsin Eau Claire.

1. Why is everyone so obsessed with Chancellor Jim?

Any day the Chancellor is out and about on campus, you’re bound to see pictures of him. Students will literally do anything just to take a picture with him or get him to re-tweet something. I’ve even heard him called “daddy” on multiple occasions. Cringe.

2. Is the construction ever going to end?

There is constant construction. Whether it be for housing, parking, or a new sidewalk, there is always something going on. Anyone living in Towers gets the additional struggle of being woken in the early A.M. to the sound of Towers south construction. Sorry folks.


3. Is it really worth it to walk all the way across campus just for cafeteria food?

No. The answer is almost always no. Unless it’s after 6 p.m. on a Tuesday and you’re really craving some mac-n-cheese pizza.

4. Who decided to put the dorms on top of this hill?

Climbing up the hill after a long day of classes is rough, whether you are in shape or not. Whose clever idea was it to split up the University of Wisconsin campus with something so dreadful anyway?

5. How many people from University of Wisconsin got underage drinking fines this weekend?

Water Street, as well as several blocks down from it, are all well known for housing college students and parties. Cops also seem to realize this and bust underage drinkers very fast.


6. Is winter here permanent?

About 3 months out of the school year, there is no snow on the ground. It is a beautiful time and you can spend it walking all around the beautiful downtown area until it snows,  it’s 20 degrees below zero, and the wind is blowing off the river. Are you sure we are still in Wisconsin and not Alaska or something?

7. Speaking of the cold, why does “bridge face’ have to exist?

Walking across the beautiful, but freezing, bridge over the Chippewa River is a University of Wisconsin experience all on its own. Living off campus? Bridge face. Class in Haas? Bridge face. Wanna walk anywhere downtown? Bridge face.

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8. Why is there never anywhere to sit in Davies?

If you go into Davies around 7 p.m., you’ll find a spot. Go anytime between 10-3 and there is not one spot. Not on first floor, second floor, or even in The Cabin. If you do see a spot, good luck getting to it without pushing over someone already seated.

9. What is a ‘Blugold’?

We are proud to consider ourselves Blugolds, but what does that even mean? It’s a combination of our two school colors, but our mascot is a blue bird. Does anyone actually know, is it a real thing?

10. Since when are marching bands so popular and good?

I am one of the people that goes to football games and leaves just after halftime. It’s amazing to watch and listen to, so it’s a win-win. Carson Park is nearly empty just after their performances, unfortunately.


There are so many different questions that you ask yourself as a Blugold at the University of Wisconsin, but one of them will always be, do I really have to leave this amazing campus someday? Heartbreaking thoughts.

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