10 Things Every University of Tennessee Knoxville Student Asks Themselves

There are so many things every University of Tennessee Knoxville student asks themselves on a daily basis. From life choices, to academics, whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year, you’ll be sure to ask yourself these questions at one point, if you haven’t already.

1. Wait… What day is it?

With everything going on between classes, family life, work, social life, etc. it’s difficult to keep up with the actual date. Sure you know today you’ll go to Spanish, psychology and sociology class today, but is it Monday? Thursday? Do you even go to class today? Life is structured around your alarm system.

2. Why did I choose 8ams?

Having class at 8am seems like a good idea, right? You’ll get out of classes earlier. Maybe you’ll get a jumpstart on your day and be more productive. Right? No. 8am classes are never a good idea especially if they’re on The Hill.


3. Why is The Hill a thing?

Speaking of The Hill… Why does it exist? I get it. UTK is in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains and we appreciate the land we live on. Does that mean walking up a mile long set of stairs to get to class is fun? Definitely not. There’s not even a pretty view from the top. It’s all old buildings that probably don’t even have heating and air conditioning.

4. When is that due?

While you’re contemplating what The Hill is, think about that syllabus you have for class. You spend your first day of the semester going over everything like due dates and expectations, but do you actually remember it all? Odds are, you lose that syllabus. Is that exam today or next week? Who knows. College is all about winging it, right?

5. Should I go to class… or Starbucks?

Priorities. In First Year Studies 100, they teach you that prioritizing will be the biggest key to success at UTK. That means your third cup of coffee for the day matters more than one attendance point.

6. What do I want for lunch?

Chick-Fil-a or Panda Express? That’s about all that’s good on campus that takes your meal plan.


7. Why is this class in this building?

With as many college specific buildings we have on campus, why do I have a biology class in the music building?

8. Why did I drink so much?

Little known fact: College involves a lot of drinking. How else are you going to get through the rough, hungover day you had yesterday? Drinking more.

9. Is it worth it to go to class today?

How many days can you miss before your grade drops? Eh. Who cares. Actually making it to class every day is certainly the hardest challenge of them all.

10. When is construction going to end?

Nicknamed “The University of Construction”, it’s hard to misunderstand why. Deadlines? What are those? Yeah, let’s be a major research institution, but we can spend three years repaving the same parking lot, right? Of course we need seven new buildings! Here’s a grand idea: Let’s let students sign up to live in new campus housing, but it won’t be ready in time. It’s everywhere. Construction traps for days.

Are there any other questions a University of Tennessee Knoxville student asks themselves on a daily basis? Comment below!
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