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10 Things Every University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University Of North Carolina At Chapel Hill Student Asks Themselves

Despite whether you have been in college for one semester, or are going in for your last semester of underground, there are questions every University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill student asks themselves. Once college starts, there is no escaping anything – you are completely immersed in it all and quite quickly, you feel like an expert about the university and all its niches. We all grow to fall in love with every part of it…but every perfect love story, has their inquiries.

1. Is today the day I will drop out?

Let’s be real, we all have heard that all the 101 classes are the “weed out” classes. Do not let that “101 General” fool you. It is known by many that those are the hardest classes – and as a first year, you get the pleasure of doing them your first semester (most likely)! Just remember, every single person has these type of classes that when you wake up, all you can think is, “This class will be the death of me.”


2. Lenoir or Rams?

As if there is a major difference between the two. (I’m pro-Rams for dinner, #qualityfood #InternationalStationForever) But honestly, you are going to eat the same thing you always get at each place, so don’t kid yourself by saying otherwise.

3. Which meal plan should I get?

“I am going to get *insert number* meal swipes! AND use all of them!” You might have reached close to doing that, but know that your first time having a meal plan, you are most likely going to have extra. Then, you are going to try your hardest to get rid of them your last two weeks of the semester. Don’t feel shameful. It happens to all of us. We are all on the same boat of advertising our swipes to the entire library.


4. Which library should I nap in today?

You went into the library with good intentions, honestly. But now that it’s getting colder, and sleep is no longer a common activity, you got to do it somewhere close to the classes right?  (Especially if you live on South Campus and you can’t afford to be late to class, it’s an easy 100!).  More importantly, you don’t want to be asleep during class…Better yet, maybe you should start considering napping in the hallway of your classes.


5. Did I really just spend $50 on a sweatshirt from the Student Stores?

Heel yeah you did!

6. Oh, it’s a cloudy day? I can wear this long sleeved top now that it’s November, right?

Wrong! It might be cloudy for a few hours, or even a down pour, but you can never take away the sunshine in Chapel Hill. Even Obama knows it is still summer here in November.


7. Why the f— is Sakai a thing?

You just have to experience it, to understand. All you can really do is…

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8. Why is lab only worth one credit?

When it comes to time management, and how much you should spend on a class, the ratio is 1 credit hour to 3 hours of studying. Then why are we all staying up late or spending 6+ hours working on our lab? The science department is not a joke (for a fabulous reason we all will learn and appreciate when we graduate). But for now, it’s a pure myth when the director or TA’s speak of students doing their lab in 2 hours – as they say it should.


9. Should I go to the basketball game instead of my homework?

Our inner selves will always say yes, especially when something inside of you is telling you it will be a good game. Also, if basketball season has started, and you have not gone to a basketball game yet, especially when it’s a non-lottery one, you are doing Carolina wrong. We are basketball dominant, so go put on your Carolina blue, and cheer on those boys (then stalk their Instagram’s later because you already are not doing homework, and let’s be real? Would it have gotten down that early anyways?)

10. How lucky am I to go to this school?

Ah, the sappy ending. At the end of the day, when classes are done, bellies are content, you are not feeling the sleep deprive because you are with awesome people all the time and you are getting an awesome education with endless opportunities, you realize why it is such a beautiful day to be a Tarheel.


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