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10 Things Every University Of Houston Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University Of Houston Student Asks Themselves

There are so may things every University of Houston student asks themselves on a daily basis. From life choices, to academics, whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year, you’ll be sure to ask yourself these questions at one point, if you haven’t already.

1. Do I really need this diploma?

For some students this question is a consistent thought throughout the year, for others it hits right around finals week. Wondering whether, “getting that paper” is really worth it is just another part of being a UH Coog.

2. Could I be a stripper?

Let’s face it, strippers make a lot of money and sometimes shaking that booty seems a lot more appealing than writing that ten page paper.



3. Are there any ways to clone myself?

Having another you to do all the things you have to do but don’t necessarily want to do leaves time for important things, like sleep or Netflix.

4. What grade do I have to make on this to save my GPA?

As a UH Coog we’ve all done or will eventually will do the manual grade calculation in hopes that somewhere out there our Fairy GPAmother is watching over us and will guide us to the right answers.


5. If I go to the gym for a week I’ll have my dream body, right?

Getting that dream body requires consistent work. So no, you will not get your dream body in a week although that would be great.

6. Should I just get myself a Sugar Daddy/Mama?

College isn’t getting any cheaper and sometimes the cost of attending gets to the point where one is willing to maybe go one a few dates, laugh at a few bad jokes in order to get that much needed financial aid.



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7. Can I get through this class without buying the required material?

If the answer is yes you can bet your bottom dollar I’m not spending any money on materials I won’t need.


8. Can I finish this 2 week assignment 1 hour before it’s due?

You probably can’t but you won’t know until you try.

9. Should I talk to this girl/boy I find attractive?

Yes, yes you should. It’s college and the worst thing they could do is crush your self-esteem and the worst thing that could happen is they end up in all your lectures until you graduate but that probably won’t happen.

10. Is all of this really worth it?

This is one of the things every University of Houston student asks themselves that can be applied to all students. In the end, yes. I know you’re suffering right now and may have already had your second mental breakdown of the week but in the end it will all pay off.

Do you have more things every University of Houston student asks themselves? Comment below!
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