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10 Things Every University of Florida Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University of Florida Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every University of Florida Student Asks Themselves

The University of Florida is one of the top universities in the nation. Just like any college, some cases just happen on this campus that raises some questions. The weather in Florida is always unpredictable, but for some reason, the UF campus has the strangest weather patterns ever. Some afternoons you run late circling through the parking lot to find a spot and then increase the time you’re late by maneuvering through Turlington Plaza. This is a list of 10 things every University of Florida student asks themselves.

Why are there roaches everywhere?

I see the cleaning crew, yet I don’t see the results. There is a cockroach sighting at least once a day at UF. You’ll find roaches in the bathroom, in the kitchen, in your stairwell and most recently the dining hall. It can’t be that difficult to make sure every area gets sanitized, can it? Students do your part not to leave crumbs and use Lysol then maybe the campus will help with the rest.

When’s the next holiday off?

From the start of the fall semester, students are counting down the days till summer. Once we realize it isn’t happening anytime soon, we settle for the next best holiday off. Then we just spend our days waiting for the next day off, so we get a break from all the schoolwork and responsibilities.

spring break count


Can C’s get degrees?

UF ranked for academics, and there’s a reason for that, the classes are hard. Since classes are less than stellar, we sometimes face less than terrific grades. Then we must ask ourselves the honest yet hard question, can C’s get degrees?

cs degrees

Why did I buy the textbook?

It’s simple you saw a few people online mention that the book really helped them succeed and now you’re stuck with one that you rarely open. Now the real question to your dilemma isn’t, “Why did I buy this?” it’s “Can I sell this book and for how much?”

If it’s raining hard shouldn’t class be canceled?

Northern states get snow days off, so it would only seem fair if students got rain days off. No, not just hurricanes but rough torrential downpours. Yes, the everyday rain doesn’t cause a statewide scare, but it does make it very hard to get to class because traffic is slower and the wind closes your umbrella, and you end up soaked. Traveling in the bad rain is just like moving in thick snow: hard and unnecessary.

walking in the rain

Does UFPD catch the suspect or am I walking to my death?

While helpful it can be nerve-wracking when late at night you are woken by a UFPD alert informing you have a dangerous suspect. The only downside to this is that within minutes you get an alert letting you know the area is safe to be in again, but you never see the notification that the suspect was apprehended. Does UFPD just scare them off and say, “hey job was done!”? This problem was brought to their attention before, and UFPD responded with the actual number of criminals they have captured and let us know we just don’t hear about all of them. I can’t decide if that’s good or bad yet.

How long can I stay in the library before I go insane?

In theory, a 24hr library seems like an excellent idea. Students are balancing rigorous schedules and may only find the hours to study in the dark of the night. The problem with a library being open at all hours is that you may go a little bit crazy because you have no designated stopping time. When you’re studying at night, and there is no closing time for you to work towards you mind find yourself there until the wee hours of the morning. I that point you must push yourself to leave, or you stay until the last bus runs and go insane.

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library brain exploding

Can I find a parking spot and if I do will I get a ticket?

There are orange, red and blue decals. Some spots’ usage and permission changes by the hour. Inevitably although we have thousands of students on campus with vehicles, the school only thought to make a fraction of that number available in parking spots. Thus, you will be late one day and faced with parking in a place that you hope you don’t get a ticket. Let’s be honest no college student is going to be content with a $250 penalty they must pay.

Are they ever going to fix the Wi-Fi connection here?

No doubt about it every day in every corner of The Swamp you’re going to find yourself with little or no Wi-Fi connection. Now it’s understandable that this campus is large so covering every inch with a high-speed connection is difficult, but is it so hard just to make sure there is a connection on campus.

Why aren’t there any rules for Turlington Plaza?

Apparently, when you go to a public institution, people can just do whatever and as long as they don’t break state laws its allowed. While it is a right to assemble and protest, the college should do some control over who and how long groups can gather in the plaza. There’s nothing more distracting to your day than hearing yelling and commotion from outside adjacent windows, while also trying to drown out all the people talking about what’s been happening all day.

Are there any other things every University of Florida student asks themselves? Comment below!
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