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10 Things Every Temple Grad Misses About College

10 Things Every Temple Grad Misses About College

Are you a Temple grad? This is a nostalgic list for any Temple alumni who are missing the good old days of being on campus.

It is easy to feel super stressed out when you are dealing with school. From homework and classes to student organizations and internships, there is a lot of pressure placed on students. These stressors tend to steal the focus, and once students graduate, they realize just how lucky they were to have so much on campus. If you are a recent Temple grad, chances are you can relate to these things that are missed about college.

1. Our favorite food spots

If you go to a college for any amount of time, you likely develop relationships with those at your go-to food spots. Whether you frequented a food truck near your classes or went to Richie’s on the regular, the workers likely knew your regular order. Graduating means that you give this up. Being a Temple grad yourself, do you miss this?

2. Being able to see friends regularly

When you are on campus, even if it is just a few days a week, you get to see the same people all the time. Once you graduate, you no longer get to see your friends on a regular basis. You will likely go your separate ways, but if you move to different states, it gives you an excuse to go on a vacation.


3. The city atmosphere

If you do not come from the city and you attend Temple, you will likely miss the city atmosphere, especially if you come from somewhere rural. You are likely to have come to love the ease of navigating the city without a car and having everything so close is nice. Being a Temple grad yourself, do you miss this?

4. School spirit for our school

Temple’s campus the only way you can get away with hating on other schools without judgment. From pep rallies to school events, seeing the cherry and the white all over the place is a typical sight, and you will feel a sense of connection with anyone donning Temple gear in public.

5. Easy networking opportunities

From on-campus career fairs to guest lectures and more, campus had a variety of career networking events and conferences. It is more difficult to find these off-campus once you graduate, and this will make you miss Temple. Being a Temple grad yourself, do you miss this?


6. Financial aid paying for things

You likely had some form of financial aid helping to pay for various expenses, whether you had grants, scholarships, or loans. Your parents may have chipped in to help out as well. Once you graduate, you have to get a job to pay for things on your own.

7. Not having to worry about loans

When you are in school, student loan repayment seems so far away, despite receiving notifications that are meant to keep you alert and updated. Once you graduate, your grace period begins and you have to think about how you will repay your student loans.

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8. Any kind of break

When you are in school, you likely get spring, summer, fall, and winter breaks to decompress and destress after long periods of work. However, once you begin working after graduation, you no longer get designated breaks without taking vacation time. Being a Temple grad yourself, do you miss this?

9. A variety of resources at your fingertips

As a student, especially at Temple, you had a large variety of resources available to you nearby. From fitness centers to mental health care, these things were given to you free of charge. Once you graduate, you have to pay for these resources.

10. Daily structure

When you are in school, you pretty much have a set schedule from classes to organizations and internships. Once you graduate, you no longer have a structured day until you find a job. This can leave you feeling bored and unsatisfied.


If you are a Temple grad, which do you relate to? Let us know below.

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