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10 Things Every Syracuse Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Syracuse Student Asks Themselves

Syracuse is a fun school and being a Syracuse student is even better. Here are some Syracuse signs only "Cuse students understand after a year here.

We come from corners of the globe, near and far, but we all chose the same place to spend the best four years of our lives. Although we have a truckload of good times, as ~amazing~ as these years are said to be, there are definitely a few times a day we stop for a second and think to ourselves, “why am I doing this again?” You ask yourself, I ask myself, every cuse-ian asks themselves these same questions if you go to Syracuse:

1. How come putting on more layers doesn’t make me warmer?

T-shirt, long sleeve, sweatshirt, parka, scarf, hat.. it makes literally no difference. Here in cuse we all freeze to death side by side, glove in glove.


2. Is it healthy to be walking across campus to the party in a miniskirt in 8 degree weather?

Like, probably not. But we are all victims of this dreadful practice anyways. Lets be straight here–frackets never really help so its best to rely on the good ol’ drunk blanket to get the job done. If you go to Syracuse you know this is true. 200-1

3. Will the sun come out tomorrow?

Annie can be pretty inspiring but each of us knows that if we’re being honest, it probably won’t. We should just get that straight. The sun will NOT come out tomorrow.200w

4. Is there any way I can get to my friend’s dorm before 8 so she doesn’t have to sign me in?

The pregame isn’t until 9 and honestly I know that nobody will show up until 10:30. But the thought of having them come allll the way down to sign me in is just such a hassle. The struggle is REAL at Syracuse. 200

5. What IS the mumps?

Obviously its a illness and its bad and all and your neck gets huge. That I know. But besides that? All I really know is the school still doesn’t stop sending me emails about it and that i’m pretty sure I don’t want it.200-3

6. What are the chances there’s an open table at Bird?

I know I could pretty easily take the elevator up to one of the higher floors and it would probably be completely empty but who wants that old setup when the basement and first floor are right here. I guess that’s why they are literally always full.200-4

7. How am I expected to walk to class in this storm?

Newsflash: University of Alabama got 3 inches of snow and had a snow day. Here? We’ve racked up two feet with wind blowing so hard I can barely see. But class is still on.. class is always still on.200-5

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8. Why do all the dining halls close so early?

Its 9 pm. I’m hungry. The dining hall downstairs? Closed. Nearby? Closed. Every dining hall on campus? Closed. So basically my choices are to walk to Marshall or starve. Uch.


9. One more hour of sleep?

Its cold out and I went to sleep really late and if I really really really rush I can probably make it to class only a few minutes late. Just a couple more snoozes.200-7

10. How could I have survived anywhere else?

Yes there are a few dare I say ~imperfections~ in cuse, but nevertheless, its the most amazing place and none of us would trade it for the world.200w-1

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