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15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know

15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know

San Diego State University students should know these facts about their school! Whether they range from common knowledge to little known facts, SDSU is a campus home to many secrets that may help you in your academic and social life. San Diego State is a wonderful school made even more enjoyable if you know these helpful tidbits!

1. No Longer A Party School

Over the past couple of decades, San Diego State University has earned itself a nifty little reputation as a major party school. Fortunately, this reputation is no longer the case, what with the school’s curriculum and social scenes actively reprioritizing their image.

Though, still, there remain plenty of parties and frat shenanigans to occupy oneself. It’s just now no longer as frequent, rampant, or hectic as the decades prior.


15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know

2. Join A Group Or Club

One side effect of San Diego State University’s toning down on its party image is that it’s a bit harder to meet people and find your overall place in the school. If you want to feel like you’re fitting in and adjusting to SDSU campus life, finding groups is a necessity. Campus life is still somewhat dependant on party culture, meaning you really have to look around and build relationships to find your place. 

3. Dispensary Deals

Listen, college can be stressful, so unwinding with an edible or smoke is completely understandable. The local dispensaries in the area are aware of this and offer some amazing student discounts for many of their products. Take your Red ID to use that college discount while you still can!


15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know

4. Excellent Counseling Services

San Diego State University’s Counseling and Psychological Services is wonderful and very much accessible to the everyday college student. It’s not just a case of quantity over quality, these counselors and specialists provide the average student with great tools to soothe their problems. These range from biofeedback computers to free meditation spaces, biofeedback computers, to regular counseling. If you have a headache, or even the occasional meltdown, stop by! 

5. Food Is Pricy On Campus

The SDSU campus is full of a variety of different eateries that can satiate anybody, from the vegan to your local protein bro (because, yes, they’re everywhere). Unfortunately, if it’s not a fast-food restaurant, your meal will turn out to be quite pricey. We pay for a parking permit and a large sum of tuition and yet the campus restaurants dare to ask students for more money? The audacity!


6. Hygenic Bathrooms

‘Public’ and ‘hygenic’ are two words that need to be better acquainted because the amount of filthy bathroom stalls for students of either gender is horrendous, no matter the college campus. If you’re looking for the best of SDSU restrooms, the Arts and Letters building is well-regarded as having the cleanest bathrooms.

15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know

7. Parking SUCKS

Every university and college admittedly have very poor parking options, much to the aggravation of every college student. San Diego State University needs an extra parking structure or two just to ease the availability. That’s why it’s imperative to come to campus an hour early just so you can dedicate that entire time looking for a spot. 


8. Library 5th Floor Special Collections

The SDSU Library has a large collection of books and informative tools. However, on the 5th floor of this library resides the Special Collections area. This area is host to some of the rarest collections of books in San Diego. In fact, some of these books are actually the only known copies in the entire world! 

15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know

9. Take Advantage of Student Ditching

Just like any other college, San Diego State University students play hooky. Honestly, this isn’t news to anyone, but consider this: SDSU can be awfully susceptible to traffic jams. Students bailing can actually benefit you by easing the nightmarishly difficult traffic to navigate across just to enter in and exit out of parking structures!


10. Best Libary Floors (Until They’re Not)

The third and fourth floors of the SDSU library are actually some pretty chill places to hang out and crack down on your studies. It’s an open and spacious environment, helped by the fact you need to be quiet and resting. It’s relaxing and cozy. Untiiiiiiiil midterms and finals week, that is.

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11. Turtle Pond Should Not Be Tampered With

One thing that SDSU doesn’t tell you on its brochure (or, maybe it does…? This writer hasn’t actually read the brochure), is that the Turtle Pond that stores koi fish and turtles is not an invitation to nab them. It’s unfortunate to even have to write this but it must be said. Don’t pet or attempt to grab any of these critters, as they are at peace in their little, wet habitat.


15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know

12. The Film Majors Aren’t Snobs

Hah! Just kidding. 

13. Lot X Is Underappreciated

Now hear this writer out! Having to show up two hours early just to find parking and make it to class on time while dealing with traffic on campus is… maddening. It will drive you crazy! But Lot X? Lot X is there for you. It’s hardly ever full.


And yeah, it’s all the way at the bottom, which means you have to walk up those dreaded stairs. So many stairs to reach the top… But if you just pace yourself and pause, you can walk it all in less than 10 minutes!

14. Scantrons A-Plenty

Ever come into class fully prepared and expecting a test only to find out you never even bought a scantron? Well, you don’t have to rush to the nearest market because various food carts and coffee stops actually sell scantrons!

15 Things Every Student At San Diego State University Should Know


15. Online Textbook Shopping

Oh, the money you’ll save when shopping online for your required textbooks! It’s an amazing thing to just cut out the middle man of going to the bookstore and waiting in hellishly long lines. Online ordering offers the same textbooks at a much cheaper price than its value at the bookstore!

San Diego State University students, are you getting the most out of your school experience? Leave a comment below and share your own insider secrets!

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