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45 Things Every Short Girl Can Relate To

45 Things Every Short Girl Can Relate To

Listen up because sometimes life is a little harder when you’re closer to the ground. These are things every short girl can relate to and struggles with!

The average height of a woman in the US is 5 feet 5 inches and there are a lot of girls who are quite a bit shorter than that. So, listen up because sometimes life is a little harder when you’re closer to the ground. The good thing is you know that any other short girl is there to understand all the ups and down of life. These are 45 things every short girl can relate to!

1. You can’t reach food on the top shelf at the grocery store


2. Not being able to see in crowds and at concerts

3. Making sure there’s a “petite” section in the store before you shop

4. All guys are taller than you


5. Needing to move the seat forward when you’re driving so you can reach the pedals

6. People always ask you how tall you are

7. Having people use you as an arm rest


8. Having to explain to people that you aren’t an arm rest

9. It’s easy to be sneaky because no one can see you anyway


10. You kick ass at limbo

11. Everyone walks faster than you and you have to work harder to keep up because you have shorter legs 

12. You always look younger than your friends


13. You have to stand on your tip toes in group photos

14. It’s easy to fit into small spaces

15. Always have to ask people to reach things for you


16. You’re an expert at walking in heels

17. If you have younger siblings that are taller than you, they will never let you forget it


18. Dresses and skirts are an awkward length on your short legs

18. Having people not see you when they’re walking and then bump into you

20. You can buy kids sized clothes and save money


21. You’re always looking up to talk to people

22. You’re the perfect height for hugs


23. Sometimes your feet don’t touch the floor if your chair is too tall and you get to swing your feet like a little kid

24. Not being tall enough for the rides at an amusement park

25. Ordering maxi dresses on line is always a gamble because odds are they will be too long


26. You’re always stepping on your yoga pants

27. It’s obvious when you gain any weight


28. Also obvious when you lose weight

29. You never have to worry if you’re blocking someone’s view

30. You’ve become a master of climbing on counters to reach things when cooking

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31. You’re go to line is “I’m not short; I’m fun sized.”


32. You can’t reach to top of your car to brush off the snow in the winter

33. Your pants always need to be hemmed

34. You can wear your boyfriend’s t-shirt like it’s a dress


35. People always say “Aww, you’re so cute!” and it’s actually quite annoying

36. If you had a dollar for every time someone told you how short you were you’d be a millionaire


37. You roll your ryes when girls who are 5’5” complain about being short

38. It’s hard to see in bathroom mirrors

39. Most middle schoolers are your height or taller


40. Flats are not a shoe you own

41. Sometimes it’s really hard to reach the clothes at the bottom of the washer


42. When you drive in the afternoon the sun is always in your eyes

43. Finding jeans that are the right length is a miracle so you promptly buy 5 pairs

44. People underestimate you for your height


45. You’re actually pretty proud of being short, and you rock it like no one else

Do you have any other things every short girl can relate to!? Share in the comments below!
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