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10 Things Every SDSU Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every SDSU Student Asks Themselves

Being a San Diego State student is awesome, sometimes even feels like a dream. While walking around the SDSU campus every day, a few questions come to mind.

Being a San Diego State student is awesome, and sometimes even feels like a dream. The weather is sunny and 75 about 95% of the time, other than the few days we actually have rain, the resources are endless, there’s a fair amount of variety in food on campus, and there are events always going on for students to attend. However, while walking around the SDSU campus every day, a few questions come to mind.

1. How far can I be away from class and still check into CourseKey?

If you are a student as SDSU, odds are you have taken a class that requires you to “check in” with the app CourseKey to show you attended that class. Some days if you don’t feel like going to class, but still want to get credit for “being there,” you often wonder if you can still check in while being far away. But just how far can you go? (From what I’ve heard it’s pretty far!)

2. What are all these booths for?

While walking to class, it seems like there are booths set up around campus at least once a week. Sometimes they are promoting a club or an off campus organization and sometimes they even give out free stuff! It’s always a surprise walking to class to see what new booths have popped up!


3. Why isn’t Chipotle on meal plan?

If you are a freshman at San Diego State who is on meal plan, then you understand the struggle of not being able to spend your meal plan at Chipotle. It’s one of the only places on campus that doesn’t take it. How tragic, to spend real money! I hope one day the school decides to put Chipotle on meal plan, but the lines will only get longer when that happens, and the line is already always out the door. But it’s Chipotle, so why wouldn’t it be?


4. Who is this person randomly singing/rapping in the union?

I pass the union every day and even sit in it sometimes to do homework, and sometimes there is music that is playing. But not just music, but live music. Some days it’s a little band who has an alternative sound, some days it’s a pop band, and other days it’s a rapper. Either way, I bet other schools don’t have live music!


5. Can I get a heads up when dogs are visiting?

It’s a proven fact that being in the company of animals and petting them lowers stress levels. So sometimes the university has therapy dogs come to the union so students can spend time with them to relieve stress. Yes they seem to come around midterm and finals week, but they seem to just appear without any notice! And sometimes I catch them right before they are about to leave! I love dogs and all I’m saying is I would like to be informed when the dogs are coming. Is that too much to ask?

6. Does anyone know when the restaurants in East Commons close?

East Commons is home to a variety of food places that many students go to. But it’s frustrating not knowing exactly when certain food places inside close and when they open, and yes they are all different. Sometimes I want a salad for dinner, yet the Salad Bistro closes at 4. Though the salad place closes at 4, Rubio’s is open til 7, and it took me a while just to figure those two out.

7. How many times will I get run over by a skateboarder?

San Diego State University is a fairly large campus and most people walk to class, some ride their bikes, and others ride skateboards. Usually these skateboarders are fratboys (with the occasional badass girl) who seem to disregard that there are rules to where you can and cannot ride skateboards. One of these places being the bridge, for the reason that the bridge can get very crowded with people which makes it harder for skateboarders to see where they are going. I have almost gotten hit with numerous skateboards and have witnessed countless accidents. And sometimes the skateboarder just keeps going and doesn’t even apologize! And sometimes they just lose control and it’s a really bad accident. It seems like my friends and I are always talking about accidents that are happening and it’s funny, only when it’s not us though… So always be on the lookout for those skateboarders!

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8. Wait, there’s 2 libraries ?

It took me a little while to realize that there are, in fact, to libraries. There is the “dome” and then there is the Love library. The dome is the clear circular shaped building and the love library is the huge building with a bunch of tiny windows and they are connected. I always go through the dome to get to the love library but there are entrances to both. Now you know!


9. Where am I gonna get all the money to buy clothes for all of these themed parties?

At the beginning of the year, all the parties are non-themed and then in the middle of the semester, all of the parties become themed. And if you’re planning on party-hopping, good luck trying to dress for all the themes! Not to mention, some of these parties are hard to dress for and sometimes us broke college kids just have to get creative with what we have!

10. Can I walk to class without running into a tour?

If you’re a San Diego State student, then you know this question all too well. While walking to class, there are so many tours going on at the school and sometimes the groups are huge which makes it difficult to pass them. It’s a little frustrating, especially if you’re already running late.

What are some other things every SDSU student asks themselves? Share in the comments below!
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