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Things Every Rutgers Freshman Should Know Before They Start

Things Every Rutgers Freshman Should Know Before They Start

1. The bus system will eventually drive you insane.

Want to learn how to somewhat decipher the system as a Rutgers freshman? Download the Rutgers app, but that still doesn’t guarantee that you’ll become the Sensei of the Rutgers buses.

2. Choose your campus wisely.

Here’s the lowdown on the four campuses that make up RU. Choose wisely, depending on your classes and what kind of vibe you want.

College Avenue

It’s in the center of pretty much everything, with lots of miscellaneous classes and the main party hot spot. It doesn’t have the greatest dining hall, though, and there isn’t a lot of privacy and/or quiet.



Livingston has the classiest campus with one of the best dining halls and lots of business classes. It’s the freshman campus, which means there are plenty of opportunities to meet with like minded freshmen in the same boat. Unfortunately, it’s the smallest campus with the worst dorms.


Busch is an enormous campus, and the hub for all things science and engineering. It has pretty much everything, from a stadium to the gym to the rec center. Bonus: air conditioned suites. It’s almost too quote, though. It has a very studious atmosphere that’s a bit detached from the main campus.


The Cook/Douglass campus has a lush, green, and tranquil feel. It’s home to most of the SEBS classes, and has one of the best dining halls. It’s really quiet, but almost too quiet. It’s unfortunately the most detached campus and hard to get to and from.

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3. Neilson is actually pronounced like Nelson.

Neilson’s the dining hall on the Cook/Douglass campus. The more you know, right?

4. Getting a good Expository Writing professor is a lot like winning the lottery.

There are so many expos sections and professors that getting the best needs luck.

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5. Speaking of expos, they can be tough.

They can be tough if you don’t have practice writing essays in high school, and can also be irritating to write so many. While a lot of people may say they’re hard, all you need to do is put in a little more work in to get a good grade!

6. The people on campus can be kind of cliquey, but it all really depends on how you perceive them.

College is a time when you find the people you really click with, so don’t go by standard clique classifications!

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7. The fat sandwiches are DELICIOUS.

They are figuratively and quite literally heart stopping, given what’s in them. Try them at least once during your time at Rutgers.


8. Have fun!

College, especially as a Rutgers freshman, is going to be great. Enjoy it!

Have anything else every Rutgers freshman should know? Comment below!

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