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20 Things Every Northeastern Student Needs

20 Things Every Northeastern Student Needs

There is nothing better than being able to represent your school and show your pride, no matter where you are or what you’re doing. Our school and our majestic Huskies are worth repping to the fullest extent. So here are 20 fun, interesting, and useful things every Northeastern student needs to show the world that you are a proud student of Northeastern University!

1. This handy Northeastern backpack that is also a cooler.

Something than can double as a regular backpack and a functional picnic/darty/tailgating tool!


2. A Northeastern- themed phone case.

One of the most essential everyday items, and one of the easiest ways to rep that NEU pride, a phone case is a wonderful addition to your Husky swag.

3. This adorable NEU baby long-sleeved onesie bodysuit.

For future kids, or members of your family with younger children, this cute baby one piece is a fantastic way to deck out growing little Husky fans.

4. A classic, professional NEU Huskies tie.

For the sophisticated gentlemen, a really quaint and appropriate way to represent Northeastern University.


5. A collector’s item miniature zamboni for the true Husky fans.

This one is for die hard fans of hockey, and those who have the need to collect cute little items. A really interesting way to show school pride.

6. A ladies versatile Husky headband.

For any girl out there looking to keep her hair back, look stylish and show school love, this headband is definitely the way to go.

7. This trendy Huskies Pantone poster.

8. This amazing desktop Northeastern cornhole game.

Looking to have some fun wasting time at your desk, and for a way to rep your school? Say no more, this desktop cornhole game is the way to go.


9. A Northeastern Husky canvas banner to hang in your apartment or dorm.

A great way to decorate a room and also show mad love for your school, this banner is just big and bold enough to do the job.

10. This sophisticated and useful Northeastern 16oz glass.

A useful item, and a fancy way to show off NEU school pride.

11. A NEU Huskies fold-able reclining chair.

Portable, easy to use, and super comfortable, this chair is a great way to stunt your pride anywhere on the go.


12. This women’s red Northeastern crew neck sweatshirt.

13. A practical Huskies leather luggage tag.

This leather luggage tag is a low-key way to show off your pride as you travel around the world.

14. This awesome portable folding Northeastern Huskies table.

For beer pong, day parties, or picnic times on the go, this awesome themed table is a must have in college life.

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15. This wonderful piece of dorm/apartment decor for a NEU “fan” cave.

A great addition to any room, this is a nice rustic way to show off school love.

16. These canvas slip on shoes, perfect for any NEU event.

The comfiest way to literally walk in your school pride, these awesome sneakers will surely turn heads and cause jealous sighs.

17. An incredibly useful NEU roadside emergency kit.

For the practical NEU student, this roadside emergency kit is the best way to stay safe and represent Northeastern University.


18. Stroll through the Boston Common with this Northeastern picnic basket.

After a walk in the park in your new awesome sneakers, sit down for lunch and show off your Husky pride with this awesome picnic basket.

19. Stay in the shade on the beach or at a tailgate with this NEU umbrella.

If it’s a bit too sunny at the park for the picnic, grab this awesome umbrella and stay shady with your NEU pride.

20. Large wooden Northeastern Huskies Jenga game set!

A fun way to show off your love for your school through this nicely themed Jenga set.


What are some other things every Northeastern student needs? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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