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10 Things Every New York University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every New York University Student Asks Themselves

NYU students are living the dream, strolling down fifth, passing under the arch of Washington Square Park, avoiding the skateboarders and activists, finally reaching the mecca. The unofficial NYU quad, we all know her we all love her, WSP. Sometimes when walking past the fountain on a Manhattan morning we find ourselves thinking about life as a student in the city, at the gem that is NYU. The RA shenanigans, the sketchy washing machines in Alumni, the Wasserman emails, the Kimmel lunches.

1. Wondering how to sneak past your RA with a candle when you know all too well it’s against building policy. 

They’ve trained them so well, they’re almost not one of us anymore.



2. Will I meet a famous actor and fall in love today or will the creepy construction guy on the corner propose again?

Seriously though, what is it with the construction guys hitting on girls before an 8am class? That’s way too early and way too weird man.

3. Who put just one elevator in 194 Mercer?

Every time a class slot ends, the stairwells fill up like Palladium does with gym bros. People tripping over each other and pushing to run to the next class, it’s a mess. Then the people that try to cram into the elevator, look we know NYU isn’t big on sports but two flights of stairs isn’t too much to ask.

4. How can I convince my TA into bumping up my grade?

I swear I studied for the midterm, if you just give me a chance and I’ll prove it to you next semester.



5. Will my casual walking through a movie set be the start to my career?

That’s how people get discovered, right? Jennifer Lawrence was discovered that way and she’s a normal person you know, so why not me?

6. Can I be a Tisch kid and never take a math class again?

Can we all just sing and throw our calculators out? Please??


7. If the campus bus doesn’t show up, is that a sign I can justify skipping class?

Definitely a sign. Other signs include: rain (yes drizzle counts), roach spotted less than a block from your dorm, no time for breakfast, lost your id.

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(On a separate note, class is important and skipping for mental health or general health reasons is understandable, but getting educated is a privilege don’t forget.)


8. If I can’t get through MFA, is that a good excuse not to present?

No, Professor, my phone died so there’s no way for me to log into my NYU accounts. I guess I’ll just have to present next week.

9. To commute or to go broke, that is the question

Apartment in Williamsburg, where I can have full range of motion or East Village apartment with rent that will mean two meals a day instead of three?



10.Buy an eight dollar coffee or sleep in the lecture?

Coffee is for adults, I’m a functioning adult so yes this is an investment in my education.

We like to complain that everything is expensive, that New York is dirty and scary, that NYU is overpriced and so on. But man is it a privilege to be here, one of the best schools in the country, with some of the most inspired people you’ll ever meet. I have yet to be disappointed by a fellow NYU kid.

What are some other things NYU students think to themselves? Comment below!
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