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10 Things Every MSU Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every MSU Student Asks Themselves

Attending MSU is fun. Here are 10 things every MSU students asks themselves at least once during their college career. Here are common MSU thoughts.

We love Michigan State and never hesitate to reply with our own “Go White!” to “Go Green!” but sometimes we question things that go on here in lovely East Lansing. Here are a few things MSU students think about and what goes through our minds as we walk by the tepid waters of the Red Cedar.

1. Whose couch are we burning?

It’s game night, and we’ve won (again), so it’s time to burn a couch, which is something that students here at Michigan State hold as a tradition. At least on games that really matter (Hello, MSU vs. UMich). What it really comes down to is whose couch we’re offering in celebration.

2. Where is the food truck today?

It’s no secret that the food truck here is awesome. If you have a meal plan at MSU, even better because you can use your combo on that glorious food. Now all you have to do is track it down… Mac n’ cheese bites, here we come!


3. Why does breakfast end at 10 AM?

Getting up for 8 AMs is hard enough, and on those days when you don’t have to it’s glorious to sleep in. Why is it then that the caf stops serving breakfast at 10? We should be able to sleep as late as needed and still be able to enjoy the beauty that is eggs, bacon, and pancakes!

4. Will I get hit by a bike today?

MSU is a big campus, and there are a plethora of bikes throughout campus. Walking to class you have to have your guard up least you be hit by someone. I’ve had several close calls already and I’m only in my first semester here. Be sure to keep an eye out for arrows on the sidewalks and never walk in the bike lane!!


5. Also, will I hit someone with my bike today?

It happens. You’re in a hurry to get out of your dorm in Bailey to your math lecture in Akers so you hop on your bike to hike out there. On your way, you’re rounding the corner by Sparty statue and BAM! you collide with some poor schmuck. Too bad you can’t stop too long, he was cute!

6. So, where is River Trail Neighborhood?

There are five neighborhoods here: North, South, East, Brody, and River Trail. Yet the boundary for River Trail is wobbly and a bit confusing, especially for first year students. Is McDonel in East or River Trail? How do we know where River Trail ends and East begins?! Someone answer these questions!


7. Do I *really* need to go to class today?

It’s 7:30 and your alarm is going off so you can make it on time to your 8 AM calculus lecture. It’s 200 people and your professor doesn’t take attendance, would it hurt to get some extra z’s today? Skipping a class here and there doesn’t hurt (you *need* self-care after all!). Make sure you have someone who is there you can swap notes with later and hit that snooze button. All MSU students think this!

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8. What is *actually*  in the Red Cedar River?

Bikes? Pet hermit crabs? Dead bodies? I’ve heard many different theories of what the water contains, and my brother recounts stories of the many things he’s found in it. I think it’s best to abide by the “Look but don’t touch” rule here.

9. Which group is painting the Rock today?

Guarding the Rock is serious business; people bring tents and camp out the night before. If you leave it, someone else will snatch it away, and you will miss out on leaving your mark on the historic site. Get ready to settle in for a few hours here, and don’t forget to bring snacks!

10. How many pieces of MSU clothing can I wear at once?

Hat, gloves, sweatpants, shirt, coat, socks. Check. Spartans have to be prepared for every type of weather. When I get ready for a regatta with the Men’s Crew Club, I pack layers upon layers and it’s essential I rep our school well. You have no choice but to bleed green and white and have some Spartan spirit. Go Green! All MSU students have an insane amount of gear.


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