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10 Things Every MSU Mankato Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every MSU Mankato Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every MSU Mankato Student Asks Themselves

Minnesota State University, Mankato is one of the most interesting places I’ve been in my entire life. There is nothing that compares to life on a college campus. It is beautifully diverse, yet I still find myself asking the same bizarre questions every day. Most of the time, I ponder how lazy I am, or how much food I can eat late at night. These are 10 things every MSU Mankato student asks themselves at one point or another.

1. Why did I sign up to take an 8am class?

Everyone thinks that taking a morning class will be no big deal, but most of the time, finishing a research paper seems easier than getting out of a toasty warm bed on a cold day when the sun isn’t up yet.

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2. Is today the day that I will get hit by the bus?

The flashy purple buses that drive around campus are completely savage and have no problem with inching up to pedestrians until they are too close for comfort. Desperate students joke about getting hit by a bus because there is a rumor that if a student gets hit on campus, their tuition will be paid for.

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3. Does my professor record attendance?

There are so many reasons to skip class, but if a professor doesn’t grade attendance, that adds one more reason to stay in bed all day. Professors who don’t record attendance, and also upload the notes online are definitely sent from some magical college-student-loving factory.

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4. Do you hear that music?

There is always music coming from somewhere. Whether it be from someone in your residence hall with impressive speakers, or live music, or music being blasted from a car. Regardless of where the music comes from, the only thing you can hope for is that nobody sees you dancing if someone happens to be playing your favorite song.

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5. What’s that smell?

Every day the dorm halls are filled with a potent new smell. For a while after move in day, the halls smell like all of the new residents mixed together in one big melting pot of worry and excitement. During the fall, it’s easy to catch a whiff of pumpkin spice, or hints of vanilla. In the winter, a strong Christmas aroma flows everywhere. Christmas smells like coffee, a dash of cinnamon, and a heaping spoonful of anxiety poured over open textbooks. During the average days that aren’t accompanied by holidays, the halls can smell like absolutely anything. Most commonly, they smell like outhouses, food, or feet.

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6. Why do I get so hyped about cereal?

On an average day, the dining hall thinks it is acceptable for them to serve Raisin Bran, Frosted Mini Wheats, or Chex cereal. Whenever the delicious, sugar filled cereals like Fruit Loops or Lucky Charms get put out, the rest of the day is smooth sailing because a little bit of good cereal can go a long way, especially after being fed cereal fit for the elderly.

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7. Did I just find the next best meme?

Memes are everywhere on campus and they have almost created a whole new language. Friend groups have group chats that are dedicated only to meme sharing, and if you are lucky enough to find one that nobody has seen, you are rewarded with the title of Meme Queen or King.

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8.  Should I watch Netflix or actually study tonight?

Picking between spending the entire night watching Netflix or studying, is the most challenging decision a student has to make. Walking past packs of studious people cannot weaken the desire to binge watch a TV show that came out years ago, even if we all know that studying is probably more important.

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9. Chet’s?

Chet’s is a phenomenal quick service food place that is a short walk from each residence hall. Nobody goes to Chet’s when the sun is out. It’s a place where eating fried food and candy is required only because it is too delicious to pass up. Chet’s is the best place on campus to escape studying, grab a late-night bite, and pack on that infamous freshman fifteen.

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10. Can I live here forever?

Even with all the crazy things that happen during a typical day on the campus of Minnesota State University, it is a wonderful place to be. The campus is gorgeous, the people are refreshingly pleasant, and everything about the town feels like home.

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Can you relate to these or have any other things every MSU Mankato student asks themselves!? Share in the comments below!

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