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10 Things Every Mom Needs To Teach Her Daughter Before She Goes To College

10 Things Every Mom Needs To Teach Her Daughter Before She Goes To College

Sending your child off to college is a scary thing for any parent, so check out these things every mom needs to teach her daughter before she goes!

Mothers are some of the most organized, fully functioning beings that have mastered the ability to multi-task. Before college, they have practically organized their children’s lives by planning appointments and then taking them where they need to be on a daily basis. They have kept the house in tip-top shape while ensuring that their children are healthy human beings. That being said, it’s time for you, wonderful mother, to take a step back and let your daughter take the reigns on her own life because unfortunately you can’t go to college with her; however, you can prepare her. So, if you’re wondering how to help your daughter, check out these things every mom needs to teach her daughter before she leaves!

1. How To Do Laundry

Laundry is one of those tasks that any parent should teach their child before he or she head off to college. However, girls have a lot more options when it comes to clothes, and you should teach her the proper way to wash her clothes before she destroys her favorite pink sweater.

2. How To Make A Bed

By now you have most likely taught your daughters how to make their own bed when they wake up in the morning, but they need to know how to make a bed from step one. Therefore, show your daughter how to change the sheets on the bed and then suggest she do it for the summer to get some practice. That way, she’ll be a pro by the time she gets to college.


3. How To Sew

This is a basic skill anyone should know. It will show your daughter that she can sew a button back on or sew up the little hole in her sweater rather than immediately thinking her clothes are destroyed and she needs to spend money to replace it.

4. How To Thoroughly Wash A Water Bottle

It’s a simple task everyone forgets to do in college, but it’s important because if a water bottle isn’t cleaned properly at least once a week then mold will start growing inside of it. Worse, your daughter might not even realize it’s there in the rubber mouthpiece of the water bottle. Although this one may sound pretty weird, it is one of the helpful things every mom needs to teach her daughter!

5. How To Make An Appointment/Pick Up A Prescription

Your daughter should know how to make her own appointments and how/where to pick up/fill prescriptions, especially if there is an emergency. It’ll be hard for you to help her if she’s miles away from you. These are some of the most important and helpful things every mom needs to teach her daughter before she leaves!


6. How To Organize A Planner

You organized her life before, but it’s time to step back and show her the power of a planner where she can schedule all her assignments, clubs & activities, etc. I was won over when I was introduced to color-coding!

7. How/Why It’s Important Live A Healthy Lifestyle

You may have had some influence over your daughter’s sports/exercise routine and the food she consumes, but it will be harder to have that influence while she’s in college. So, teach her the importance of eating multiple servings of fruits and veggies on a daily basis, eating protein, going to the gym a couple times a week, etc. Most importantly, show her the negative impact pop tarts and cheez-its can have on your body and mind when eaten regularly.

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8. Personal Finance

I highly suggest simply teaching your daughter to be aware of how much money she spends in a week or month, and to track her how much money she spends, possibly. It’s easy to go broke in the first semester of college simply because they forget to check their bank account. Personal finance is one of the major things every mom needs to teach her daughter!

9. How To Treat A Yeast Infection

This might sound a bit strange, but it will be helpful information when your daughter gets her first yeast infection. Show her the product she can buy at the drugstore to treat the infection and do a simple demonstration.  She’ll know what to do and will have less to freak out about.

10. To Truly Listen To Your Gut Feeling

College can be a tough time for girls. There are friends, drama, boys, and so much more to worry about. You as a mother should always assure your daughter that you will be there for her, but you should also emphasize the importance of going with her gut feeling, maybe even share some of your experiences from college with her. This little lesson could easily save her a lot of trouble in the long run.


Are there any other things every mom needs to teach her daughter? Let us know in the comments below!

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