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10 Things Every Liberty University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Liberty University Student Asks Themselves

Every Liberty student internally and externally struggles with the realities of college: long classes, loads of self-taught material, and seemingly pointless assignments with due dates that seem too close. While adulting in college, student find themselves struggling most with this question: “Will it be worth it?” For the degree. For the time. For the effort. For the money. When examining this question, ten more arise. Here’s a list of ten things every Liberty University student asks themselves.

1. “Do C’s actually get degrees?”

We have all found ourselves asking this question at least once, and for good reason. C’s will get degrees, but certain scholarships and programs require a GPA higher than mostly C’s. Be strong for the first half of the semester, since you know you’ll slack for the second half.

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2. “Is watching Netflix more important than studying?”

The answer is yes. Always yes. …Until you get that test back…


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3. “Is “Freshman Fifteen” a real thing?”

Well, considering that one Rot cookie is ~460 (or more) calories, and many people eat them by the coffee cup load, it’s a very real possibility. Thank goodness the gym is open late!

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4. “Will this bus ever show up?”

This is especially relevant for freshmen waiting on the Fort Hill bus at North. Even with the bus app, times can be inaccurate and dreadful. Whatever would we do while waiting for the bus if we didn’t have our iPhones to get us out of social interaction or boredom?


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5. “Can I get away with not cleaning my room for Convo today?”

Followed by: “Will they notice if my bed isn’t made? Would they give me a warning for toothpaste and makeup on the sink? Is this going to be the room check that they finally mark me for having a dirty shower?” For students who have had a class before Convo, these questions came up every MWF.

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6. “Does eBay have my textbooks cheaper than B&N? Or Amazon?”

After all, what are students even paying for when renting books from the bookstore? The copyright can’t be that expensive. Not to mention that most of the textbooks are written by the LU professor, so students are forced to buy it from each other (if they’re lucky) or the bookstore. Who doesn’t love a good, single-use lecture text?

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7. “Is that another tour group?”

No need to worry. The tour groups will only take up valuable space in Convo and the Rot during breakfast, then look at you like you’re some kind of zoo animal. “Oh, don’t feed the wild college student. They’re already fed tasty Rot food!”

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8. “Will it be worth it to save my skips for the end of the semester?”

In the process of saving, the answer is no. But, future you will thank past you for giving yourself a break from monotonous classes and studying.

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9. “Why can’t I keep a dog (or cat) in my room?”

“Perhaps a fish would satisfy those puppy love cravings,” said no one ever.

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10. “Will anyone even notice if I sneak into class ten minutes late?”

We definitely notice…but that was almost us, so we won’t point it out. Congrats on making it to class. You’re now halfway to that C to get your degree. Better late than never, they say.

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