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10 Things Every Kent State University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Kent State University Student Asks Themselves

A Kent State University student understand these struggles real hard. Here are college thoughts about our college struggles. Here's an FSU students life.

Every Kent State University student knows just how hard it is to wake up for class, put on clothes to accommodate the always changing weather, and try to make it on time. Not to mention trying to stay awake in class. But the real question is why is this class so early in the morning anyway? Every KSU student contemplates going or skipping and asks themselves these 10 questions very often each semester.

1. Will the construction on Summit Street ever be completed?

You know it’s a serious issue when people nickname it “Kentstruction.” Summit Street has been under construction for at least two years now, leaving students to walk on dirt sidewalks while on their way to class. The best part is when the construction knocks your power out. If the Starbucks in the library can be constructed in the matter of a couple weeks, why does this project feel like it’s never going to end?

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2. Why did I sign up for class before noon?

Face it. Trying to wake up and physically prepare yourself for any morning class is the biggest struggle a college student faces, especially if you were out the night before. We’ve all had those nights where we say were going to go to bed early and those end up being the nights we stay up the latest. And then we really regret it in the morning.

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3. Why is the weather so screwed up?

When I say “screwed up” I mean 75 degrees on Saturday and by Monday it’s a high of 40 and raining. I can’t pack for school without literally packing my whole closet because one day you’ll be wearing shorts and the next you could be rockin’ a sweatshirt. The weather is so unpredictable, not even the weather app helps. Do we ever get used to it being a Kent State University student?


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4. Why can’t I use my meal plan from 11-2 in the Hub?

Only underclassmen know the struggle, but we were all in that position at some point in our collegiate career. Meal plan can’t be used in the Student Center from 11-2 so that commuter students don’t have a huge line to wait in if they just need a quick bite to eat. But why make the underclassmen suffer even more than they already do? The only other options are the few dining halls which are hit or miss or the Fork in the Road food truck… if you can find it.

5. What ever happened to “Paint Girl”?

The only one that truly knows what happened that night is Paint Girl” herself. What we know for sure is that there was a lot of paint all over the Frat house and it was extremely hard to clean up. Rumor has it that she knocked over the paint cans while going to the bathroom and ended up covering herself in it and running all over the house. But, what ever happened to “Paint Girl” after the incident and where is she now?


6. Why did I wear heels to the frats?

Pain is beauty, but boy do you regret wearing those new pumps to the Frats. Ten minutes into walking down the block your feet start to burn and you start to walk slower and slower and slower. And your night has just begun. You still have to dance the night away, not to mention the walk home. But they look good, right?

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7. Should I drop out?

You think it the second day of Freshman year. You think about it every semester. The day before graduation you think about it. You’re probably even thinking about it right now. Are you even a college student if you haven’t contemplated dropping out at least once? College is hard. Be proud of that 2.0. and be proud of that 3.5. You should definitely be proud of that 4.0. At least you’re getting a degree. Ah, the life of a Kent State University student.

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8. Why is scheduling classes such a pain?

You’ve waited all night for this and the time has finally come. 12:01 AM hits and you rush to your laptop to submit your class schedule. But, is it ever as easy as submitting it and going straight to bed? You know the answer to that. The class filled up completely full before your time to schedule, you can’t take that class because you haven’t taken the prerequisite for it yet, the only time for a class offered interferes with your work schedule, you know you’ve been there. Luckily, scheduling comes only once a semester and once it’s done you have a couple of months to prepare for the next one.

9. Do I really need the textbook?

What’s the quickest way to drain your bank account in the matter of a few minutes the very first week of school? Buying textbooks. Even getting the used rented option of the book can still be costly depending on the class. Most students have switched to ordering their books from Amazon or Chegg to get an even cheaper price, but sending those back at the end of the semester can be a pain. Plus, waiting for them to come in the mail and hoping they arrive in time also sucks. In the end, most students question if buying the book is even worth it. More than half of the time you never even open it. This isn’t just a Kent State University student thought and you know it.


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10. Why am I so broke?

The most frequently asked question of every college student. No matter how much you save over the summer or how much student loan you take out and bring with you, college for sure comes with a price. Getting a part time job is a huge help, even if you’re just making a little extra spending money. Another pro tip for saving money in college: limit yourself to only eating out a few nights per week.

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