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10 Things Every Kent State Girl Needs In Her Purse

10 Things Every Kent State Girl Needs In Her Purse

If you’re like me, your backpack is your purse, but some girls like to keep it stylish and shoulder that Michael Kors beauty all across campus. What should you keep in your purse to help you get through a busy day at Kent State University? Keep reading for 10 things every Kent State girl needs in her purse!

1. Your phone!

This is a no brainer. Naturally, you’re going to have your phone with you no matter what. If you could permanently attach it to the palm of your hand, you probably would– That’s only if you could still use your hands to text and scroll through Instagram, of course. Almost all Smartphones today come equipped with a GPS for finding your way around campus, a reverse camera (the selfie machine) as a mirror, and the most convenient app, KSUMobile, that can be used to find out dining hall hours and check grades. Pro-tip: Download the Blackboard app to keep up to date on assignments in all of your classes and get notifications when grades get posted.

2. Lotion

Winter is upon us, which means cold, snowy mornings are not far off. Winters in Northeast Ohio are freezing– literally. Cold weather causes skin to dry and crack, and this can be painful if you don’t have the appropriate moisturizer. Bath and Body Works has arguably the most popular  (and some of the most affordable) scents in body lotions. If you have more sensitive skin, you might want to stick to the travel size of brands like Gold Bond or Eucerin.



3. Hand sanitizer

This is a necessity, because college kids aren’t any cleaner than kindergartners. Hand sanitizer, especially with moisturizer infused, is perfect for the winter months when nasty colds and flus are sweeping their way around campus. However, this is not an excuse to miss washing your hands.

4. Umbrella

I see too many kids on campus caught in the rain without one. Imagine you just spent an hour curling your hair and applying “on-fleek” makeup for that presentation in Introduction to Human Communications. Since we’re in Ohio, it’s pouring outside, and you have to walk from Eastway to the Art Building because the buses are running late. Take out your handy-dandy umbrella that Mom insisted you buy, and you’ll probably be the envy of fellow students trying to bury their faces under soaking wet hoodies.


5. Small calendar/notebook

One thing every student should learn when coming to university is how to be organized. Organization is key to success in achieving better grades, being on time to your classes/appointments/events and reducing stress. A small calendar can be used to keep track of assignments and exam dates, or perhaps a hand-held notebook can be used for taking extra notes the instructor tells you RIGHT after you’ve already packed up to leave.

6. Phone Charger

Well, you have your phone, and your phone is pretty much your child. You have to keep the child fed, right? There are plenty of places in buildings and classrooms to plug into, and chances are, you’re not going to want to run to your dorm this winter just to charge your phone. Carry a charger, and don’t be caught with a dead battery wondering whether that homework assignment in Microeconomics was due in 15 minutes or next Wednesday.



7. Snacks

Keep fueled! Picking up a fruit cup at Einstein’s or a Frappuccino at Starbucks can get expensive or highly caloric when all you really need is a simple granola bar you bought in bulk at Eastway. Walking around campus can take a lot of energy, and meal times can be very sporadic depending on how you schedule your classes. Not to mention, winter is all about shivering away those extra calories.

8. Cash

We get it, you have a meal plan. That’s great. So what, are you always buying food ONLY on campus? Or maybe you put some money on your FlashCard…which is only acceptable at variable on-campus and close-by establishments. This is a rule of thumb no matter where you go: carry cash, whether it’s a dollar for the vending machine or some coins for the parking meter. A debit card is an okay substitute IF the machine accepts them. There’s just something about cold, hard cash in your hand that makes you feel physically, well, broke. Feeling broke could make you spend a whole lot less.

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9. Your USB/Flash Drive

This, too, should be a no-brainer for all university students. Many assignments and presentations are stored on that little metal square. Having one on hand, whether used or brand new, means always having access to your work. If you’re concerned about saving notes to your computer and you’re not using Google Drive, use the USB as a backup.

10. Tampon/Pad

We are girls. We have these biological needs. The dispensers on campus DO NOT WORK, so don’t count on them. Besides, wouldn’t you be more comfortable with your usual brand? Prevent the nightmare, and be prepared.


Hopefully, your purse is packed with all these goodies so you can plan ahead for any size disaster. Okay, you may not be prepared for an earthquake, but we’re talking smaller disasters like dry skin and a rumbling stomach. Whether you’re carrying Michael Kors, Louis Vuitton or Charming Charlie’s, show off your style, but keep things practical.


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