10 Things Every JMU Student Asks Themselves

There are a number of things that go through a typical college student's mind every day. These 10 questions are what students at JMU might ask themselves.

College is known for being the best four years of your life, and while most of the time it is, there are still moments that we question what the hell we’re doing. Attempting to balance that high GPA, a decent amount of sleep, and somewhat of a social life can be quite the struggle; but hey, at least we’re dealing with it together. As a student at JMU, I know we’ve all asked ourselves at least one of these 10 hilarious questions sometime during our four years here.

1. Why Did I Sign Up For An 8 AM?

It seemed like no big deal when you signed up. You even thought you would go to the gym before class! But despite what high schools think, 8 is far too early for class. Go back to bed.

2. Do I Really Need To Go To UREC?

Every day is leg day at JMU! When you’re walking 4+ miles a day, sometimes hitting up the gym isn’t necessary.

3. I Thought I Left Nova?!?

The entirety of your high school basically just migrated to Harrisonburg. I thought I got away from these people!


4. Maybe I Should Just Be A Stripper.

School is hard.


5. Yeah, I’m Dropping Out- I’ll Be A Stripper.

When you just failed a test, it seems like a viable option. Besides, with all the walking you do, your legs are fab.


6. Coffee Then Nap? Nap Then Coffee? Just Nap?

Caffeine or sleep? Usually both is the answer. No amount of either could make up for the sleep deprivation you’re running on.

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7. Have I Spent Too Much Money On Campus Cookies?

The answer is always no.

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8. Is Attendance Mandatory?

Sometimes professors are nice and understand that you’re not able to make every single class. Other times, you’re not as lucky and find yourself trekking to ISAT in your pajamas.


9. How Do They Have So Much Energy?

The high-schoolers in the tour groups look so happy and full of life. You? You’re running on four hours of sleep and haven’t done laundry in three weeks.

10. Can We Have Class Outside?

Often asked as a joke in high school, it becomes a dream during spring semester. But unfortunately, your 200 person lecture hall cannot fit on the quad.

These are some of the questions I find myself asking on a daily basis here at JMU. What are yours? Let me know in the comments below!
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