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10 Things Every Iowa State University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Iowa State University Student Asks Themselves

There are so many things every Iowa State University student asks themselves. If you're an Iowa State student, you'll definitely relate.

There are so many things every Iowa State University student asks themselves on a daily basis. From life choices, to academics, whether it’s your freshman year or your senior year, you’ll be sure to ask yourself these questions at one point, if you haven’t already.

1. Should I watch one more episode?

As many people can relate to this, Iowa State students are among some of the biggest Netflix binge watchers. Shows can go from just existing one day to being all that anyone talks about the next. The most current craze has been the show Shameless. Many of us often find ourselves putting off responsibilities just so we can watch one more episode because it seems like a better idea than homework.

2. Why did i just do that?

This statement seems to go through students heads on a daily basis. Whether it is from waving at someone and them not seeing you so you look like an idiot waving at random people to tripping over the flat sidewalks on campus (this is my daily struggle) all the way to saying something really stupid in one of your classes. I feel that most people can’t go through their day without at least one “why did I just do that?” moment.



3. Do I really have to get out of bed?

When one gets to college staying up till 2 am is fun and not such a big deal until that 8 am alarm goes off and all you want to do is sleep. You then have to contemplate whether it would be a big deal to miss your class because one more hour of sleep is all you need. If you are a good student you would actually get up and go to class but sometimes that one more hour just seems better. Or in my case if I have to go across campus for a class and its raining hard outside, then staying in bed will easily win against getting up for class.

4. Should I hammock now or later?

Iowa State University has an extremely beautiful campus and the best trees to hammock in. When its really nice out you will find many students out in their hammocks. Being able to hammock is one of the fun experiences you get to do on campus the only question is when to do it. Hammocking has sort of become a tradition here on campus. Every student that goes through Iowa State needs to experience it at least once while they study their lives away.


5. Do Design majors ever sleep?

Design is arguably one of the most time consuming majors here at Iowa State. Many days you will see people who are in design with their sketch boards attached to their hips as they are walking out of the Design build at 4 am. You will also hear them talk about all the projects they are working on or see them walk down the dorm hallways to the dens with armfuls of supplies and you just know they are in for a long night.

6. Is my homework on Yahoo Answers?

Like most college students we don’t want to actually do all of our homework that was assigned to us. So we turn to Yahoo Answers to make things go by a little faster. This website is a life saver especially when we start the assignment a half an hour before it’s due. God bless this website for not only fueling my procrastination but making me lazier in the process.


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7. Thirsty Thursday?

College is know for big parties on the weekends and whether your parents like it or not you will most likely do it but for some, Friday and Saturday just isn’t enough. By the time Thursday rolls around you are ready for the weekend and need to party all of that week’s stress away. So who would want to get their party on when it’s Thursday. It just means you can go even harder on Friday and Saturday but lets just hope your Friday classes are easy because that hangover is going to be nasty.

8. Why did I become an engineer?

Iowa State is know for its engineering program. There are so many different fields you can go into as an engineer but they all have one thing in common. Under all of the math and science you can hear them ask why they they chose to stress themselves out with this career path.


9. Who can I get to swipe me in?

Most students tend to find themselves hungry at night especially if they stay up late working on assignments. Since our dinning centers think that its smart to close at 8 pm we have to fin other ways to get food. Luckily we have convos for the late night meal bundles. But if you don’t have a meal plan then its just straight up expensive to eat there. So advise to all find yourself a freshman with a meal plan to swipe you in for food!

10. Do I really need to graduate?

This question goes hand in hand with college students comment of  “I’m going to drop out of college and work at Walmart for the rest of my life” . While students rarely act upon this it just goes to show how stressed out we are which makes any college student question their life goals and motivation when it comes to their life plans.

Are there any other things every Iowa State University student asks themselves on a daily basis? Comment below!
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