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10 Things Every Good Tinder Profile Has

10 Things Every Good Tinder Profile Has

You may be wondering how to make a good tinder profile if you're starting out in the dating world. Writing a good tinder profile doesn't have to be that hard if you know what to put in your tinder profile and what not to. These are the best things guys and girls can have in their profile/

The Tinder profile is meant to be an overall view of and insight into your personality through both your pictures and your bio. What are the things you think someone should know when deciding whether or not they want to date you? It’s great to have some funny lines to get a girl or guy interested, but remember at the end of the day they’re trying to get a glimpse into who you are. A good Tinder profile will have a solid balance of personality and basic information. Here are 10 things to check your profile for if you’re looking to catch the one or just a summer fling.

1. Actually Informative Information

Don’t think of it as a resume for dating…but also kind of think of it as a resume for dating. What do you like to know about someone when deciding if you’re interested in them? It’s a must to include your age (if Tinder has it wrong), what you’re doing in life right now (school? work? travel?), and where you live/where you’re from. Each of these provides basic necessary information, but can also provide initial insight into the type of person you are.

2. Your Interests and Hobbies

What you like to do in your free time (outside of binging Netflix) can say a lot about you as a person. Do you like to hike? Cook? Longboard? Take trips? Include this info, and those swiping will either see a common hobby you can connect on, or something that sparks their interest. Information like this helps to initiate a bond between you and potential matches that you can hopefully act on later after he or she swipes right.


3. A Good Non-Selfie of Just You

There’s a place for the selfies and there’s a place for the photos with friends, but nothing quite beats a solid photo of just you taken by someone else. It allows potential matches to get a good view without any of the selfie stigma. Plus you clearly have friends or family around to take cool pictures of you, maybe even doing cool things.

4. A Photo with a Few Friends

Here’s where we bring in the friend photo, and when I say friends I really mean just 2 or 3. Get too many and you risk the person not being able to tell who you are or wishing you were someone else. A photo like this is a good sign that you’re a sociable person who likes to have a good time with friends on a regular basis, and likely not a serial killer.

5. A Photo with an Animal

Okay, so maybe we’re not all animal lovers, but if you love animals probably you want someone who loves them too. A photo with your dog or cat (or someone else’s) lets potential matches know you love animals and hope they do too. We’re all suckers for a photo of a cute dog. Plus, a photo like this can give potential matches another easy way to jump start conversation.


6. A Photo of You Doing your Hobby

Don’t just talk the talk, walk the walk. Add a photo of you outside of your house doing something you love to show potential matches you’re someone who likes to have fun. You could be touring a city, riding a bike, or just drinking at a brewery. Give whoever’s looking an idea of all the fun you could have together.

7. A Photo with Your Family

It’s nice to know you have people you’re close to in your life. This may not be the traditional definition of family for you, but a photo with whoever plays that role for you will help girls or guys see you as someone they could potentially get close to, as well. Post a picture with your mom, brother, sister, grandfather, best friend, whoever to show you have strong relationships with those in your life.

8. Insight into your Style or Personality

There is a variety of ways to do this one. You can show your style through a picture like with an outfit you like a lot or a picture of you in your room. Silly pictures as well can be a good way to add a glimpse into who you really are. Another option is to let your personality shine through in your bio. Add a joke or a couple of silly lines unique to you that can show your personal voice. Don’t forget to still also include real information! And maybe test the lines on your friends to make sure they’re actually funny.

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9. What You’re Looking For

It’s important for you and your potential matches to be on the same page. Don’t be a jerk about it, but don’t be afraid to directly address what you’re looking for with Tinder in your bio. Maybe you want to find a girl or guy to take it slow with and go on a few dates. Maybe you want to just meet for coffee. Or maybe you want to keep things casual. Letting people know this information upfront can skip a lot of sticky steps and be sure to attract others on the same page as you.

10. Frequent Updates

Life changes quickly and so do you. This means your Tinder bio should too. Keep it fresh with who you are and what you’re into at the moment so it stays true to the person people are going to meet. Update it with new photos and new information on the reg to ensure steady, fresh matches.


When swiping through Tinder people want to get past all the facade and see you for who you really are, so that’s what a good Tinder profile should give them. That being said, don’t overwhelm them with information about your internal existentialist issues or all #nofilter #nomakeup photos. Maybe just start with if you prefer cats or dogs and what you like on your pizza.

What’s your idea of a good Tinder profile?! Let us know in the comments down below!