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20 Things Every ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fan Needs

20 Things Every ‘Gilmore Girls’ Fan Needs

things every true Gilmore Girls fan needs

Whether you’re an OG fan who watched it every week on WB, started with the re-runs on ABC Family or watched it for the first time on Netflix, every fan needs these awesome Gilmore Girls items that will just make you smile and bring you down memory lane. So here are 20 things every Gilmore Girls fan needs!

1. Luke’s Diner Mug (Or Should I Say Bowl?)

Everyone needs a cup o’ joe in the morning, especially Lorelai and Rory. Luke’s was the place to get it! Remember when Lorelai tried to convince Luke that she didn’t have any coffee that morning in season 1? Yea, he wasn’t buying it.


2. Luke’s Diner To-Go Cups

These girls are always on the move and coffee is what powers them. Now you can bring your coffee on the go with a Gilmore-ism like, “Do you like coffee? Only with my oxygen!” And they come in a whole bunch of colors!


3. Eat Like a Gilmore: The Unofficial Cookbook For Fans Of Gilmore Girls

Those girls can eat. They are gods when it comes to eating. And everything they eat looks amazing or truly disgusting but you just have to try it. Like the Rory, don’t tell me you don’t want to try Rory’s disgustingly sweet 21st birthday drink.


4. Rory’s Reading List

Rory Gilmore is super smart. It’s everyone’s dream to be as knowledgeable as she is. That way you can go to Chilton or Harvard. But first, you have to read all 339 books off her list, do you accept the challenge?


5. Stars Hollow Sweater

Doesn’t this sweater look so comfy! If you need a good wallow, this sweater is what you need to do it in…. just don’t forget the ice cream.

6. ‘Oy! With the Poodles Already!’ Pillow

“You know what I just realized… ‘Oy’ is the funniest word in the entire world. I mean think about it you never hear the word ‘oy’ and not smile… impossible… funny, funny word. ‘Poodle’ is another funny word. In fact, if you put ‘oy’ and ‘poodle’ together in the same sentence, you would have a great new catch phrase, you know, like ‘Oy! With the poodles already!” Thank you, Lorelai Gilmore. Enough said.



7. Kirk’s Shirt Business ‘Featuring a Humorous Topical Headline of Something (He) Witnessed Around Town’

When Kirk had a new job selling shirts, at least he wasn’t selling his laundry… again. But Babette eating oatmeal is pretty great, guys.



8. BFOTB Pin

YAS! Sookie! Sookie is one of the most entertaining characters on this show (who doesn’t love some Melissa McCarthy?). She was a great BFOTB to Lorelai (and for those of you who totally know what this means but you forgot today because you have a lot on your mind… it’s okay. I have your back. It’s Best-Friend-Of-The-Bride). “LUKE! WHO AM I?!”


9. “The Gilmore Girls Companion” Book

This book will take you down memory lane (remember a thousand yellow daisies?) while also giving you behind-the-scenes info, interviews and pictures!


10. Life and Death Brigade Necklace

Sometimes those guys could be jerks, but it would be so fun to be a part of this secret society… to do death-defying acts and just let loose for a weekend, to go safari camping in the middle of the woods with a big feast and to wear a gorilla mask in a formal dress for no apparent reason. When people ask you what your necklace means you can tell them it’s a secret or scream “In Omnia Paratus” and run away. Either way, it’s fun!

11. Dragonfly Inn Shirt

Lorelai and Sookie dreamed for so long to have their own inn and they finally did it! The Dragonfly Inn was beautiful and full of charm. Now you can be a part of it!


12. Dragonfly Inn Mug

If you’re not feeling the shirt, then here is a mug with the Dragonfly Inn logo on it. You can tell people you actually got it from the Inn… your secret is safe with me!


13. Gilmore Girls Life Lesson Poster

This bag helps you to remember any important life lessons that you have learned such as the four food groups: fast food, junk food, frozen food and take out; or that childbirth is like doing the splits on a case of dynamite; and that snow is magical. So you never forget all of the laughs and tears this show has brought you.

14. Where You Lead Poster

This song is the essence of Gilmore Girls, having someone’s back and always being there for them. This poster is absolutely beautiful and a great piece of art to put in any home.

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15. Mother and Daughter Mugs

This is a great gift to give your mother or daughter, to show that your relationship means as much to you as the Gilmore girls mean to each other. Lorelai and Rory have a great relationship, though it’s not perfect (no relationship ever is), it is a friendship that is built on trust, love and coffee!


16. Gilmore Girls Christmas Ornament

The most magical time of the year is the winter for Lorelai Gilmore… when it snows. She loves everything about it… “the whole world changes color… we go back, snow and me, we have a beautiful history… sleigh rides, ice skating, snowball fights, I’ll even take curling… God, I love curling!”… Dare she say more?


17. Stars Hollow Poster

This vintage poster encompasses everything that we love about the town of Stars Hollow; the town square, the gazebo, and the church where the bells rang (until Lorelai and Luke broke them.)

18. Coffee at Luke’s Scented Candle

When you wake up in the morning, what is your favorite smell? It’s not flowers, birds, or the dew on the leaves… it’s fresh coffee brewing. Now you can smell Luke’s coffee in the morning because, sadly enough, we will never get to taste that delicious coffee.


19. Be the Best of the Gilmore Girls Shirt

These Gilmore girls are strong women (I’m talking about Emily too!) They stick up for what they believe in and they stand by their family and friends (even when they don’t get along) and that takes a lot of courage. These women are great role models. Remind yourself to be a little like them every day with this shirt.


20. It’s More than a Show… It’s a Religion… It’s a Lifestyle.

This pillow represents everything that Gilmore Girls means to us fans. We are reminded of the jokes within our daily lives and it makes us smile. We tell our friends who laugh with us, and we spread the love.

So there is your complete list of of 20 things every Gilmore Girls fan needs? Do you have any other things that should be on this list? Share in the comments below!

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