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15 Things Every Fashion Student At Kent State Can Relate To

15 Things Every Fashion Student At Kent State Can Relate To

Being a fashion student at Kent State is a big deal. We've put together a list of things every fashion student at Kent State can relate to!

With The Fashion School at Kent State being one of the top fashion schools in the country, there are plenty of students who come from all over to study either fashion merchandising or design. Keep reading for things every fashion student at Kent State can relate to.

1. You visit the Starbucks across from Rockwell Hall at least once a week.

With its convenient location right across from the fashion building, Starbucks is always packed with fashion students between classes sipping on their trendy drinks.

 2. You dress nice for class, even if its 30 degrees outside and snowing.

While the majority of the student population bundles up in sweats, giant jackets, snow boots and oversized scarves when the weather is less than perfect, the fashion students stand out in adorable cold weather outfits. (Sometimes us fashion students have our days though and simply do not have the effort to focus on our outfits, especially when its still snowing in March.)


3. You live off online shopping, (…guilty!)

For most students living on campus getting to the nearest mall can prove difficult. Fashion students live off scouring through stores, finding the latest trends so when this is not possible, we go to the next best thing… online shopping! The obsession comes to the surface in the winter especially, searching for a bit of sunshine in new bikinis and other spring collections from our favorite stores.

4. You’re fashion classes are your favorite, obviously.

There’s nothing a fashion student loves more than learning about the field they want to be a part of and all aspects of fashion.

5.   You find any occasion you can to dress up.

Making excuses to go downtown for a nice dinner, wearing your newest thrift store find to a concert or a fashion show, or throwing on a dress or skirt for class as soon as the snow melts are just a few things fashion students enjoy doing.

6. On campus fashion shows are your favorite events to go to.

Just like mentioned earlier, fashion students love any excuse to dress up, and fashion shows on campus are the perfect event to plan an outfit for!

7. The walk to Rockwell feels like eternity.

Every fashion student knows that the walk to Rockwell, no matter which “short-cut” you take seems like an hour long walk. Being one of the farther buildings from the center of campus it feels like quite the trek to venture out to Rockwell.

8.  You’re favorite place to chill out is the Fashion Library…

Located right inside of the fashion building, the fashion library provides students with a mini computer lab, equipped with Photoshop and Illustrator for those dreadful, (or amazing, depending on your experience with technology) tech projects and numerous other fashion related materials, the fashion library is THE place for getting work done in the best building on campus.

9.  …Or the Fashion Museum.

Just like the library, the museum provides inspiration for fashion students, making it one of fashion students favorite places on campus.

10. You take decorating your dorm room way too seriously.

Whether its redecorating your room with your roommates help once a month, or just making your room so extra it’s a little much, the fashion students have done it. The best rooms on campus belong to fashion students due to their fabulous senses of style.

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11.  You live off caffeine, due to the late nights working on projects.

There’s a Starbucks across from Rockwell Hall for a reason, fashion students drink a lot of coffee. Period. Done. End of story.

12.  You do photoshoots downtown every once in a while.

If you ever see college kids downtown in full makeup and hair done, followed by a friend with a camera, it’s most likely a fashion student trying to get the best picture they can for Instagram.

13.  You live for the study abroad opportunities.

From the Florence campus, to the NYC Studio to the partnerships with schools in Paris and Hong Kong, Kent States study abroad programs are plentiful and for many students the highlight of their college experience.

14. You love the days that it’s nice enough to wear a dress or skirt without tights.

Being in the middle of Ohio is hard enough for fashion students as it is, but through in the terrible weather patterns and that really annoys fashion students. Any day that it’s warm enough to actually wear a dress without having your legs turn into icicles is a win to a fashion student.

15. Last but certainly not least. You absolutely love your major even though it can get extremely tough.

Fashion students who really stick with their major and get involved truly love what they do and their school!

What are some other things every fashion student at Kent State can relate to? Comment below!
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