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10 Things Every Emerson College Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Emerson College Student Asks Themselves

Although it is a rather small college, there are five Emerson dorms that house students. Here is an honest review of all five dorms.

Emerson College has quite the unique flavor to it, liberal and artsy, and there’s constantly someone filming or reporting nearby. Several Youtube videos call us out for being hipsters and I once got called out for the Urban Dictionary page o Emerson at dinner by my waitor. Every institution has its quirks. Here are some of those, the 10 Things Every Emerson College Student Asks Themselves.

1. How does everyone know Winston?

Since Emerson College is in the city, there are apartment building all around with non-college students living in them. And, in being so, a corgi named Winston lives in the apartment building next to the Piano Row dorm building.

Now, when I say that “everyone” knows Winston, that might be an exaggeration. But, every single day I see someone else crouching down to talk to him as he goes out on his walk or sometimes he just comes up in conversation. I swear, this dog is a celebrity around Emerson College, sometimes to the point where it keeps me up at night. Like, how are there so many people that just know Winston, not just see him and coo, but respond, “Hey, buddy. How’s your day been?”


The best part is when he doesn’t want to walk and lays in the middle of the sidewalk, making his owner nudge him along or attempt to drag him because he just gets so comfortable down therein the sun.

But, even better, no one knows his owner’s name. He’s simply “Winston’s owner,” like Stedman Graham is Oprah’s boyfriend. Power moves only, Winston.

Here are some things every Emerson College student asks themselves.


2. Why do we suck at communicating?

It’s the question most freshman students are starting to come upon; How does a top communications school have so many communication issues? Emails are sent out late sometimes and the exposure and press of events keeps most people in the dark. Is it all a conspiracy?

3. Why isn’t the library open later?

Being an art school, students at Emerson deal with a lot of projects and it would be nice to have more quiet library time so that our roommates can sleep without the clack of keys and light when using cameras of other equipment, not banished to the common room with others to work. But, why don’t they have them? Who knows?

4. Do I eat too much Blaze?

Blaze is a pizza place that’s set up kind-of like Subway and sits right on the opposite side of City place, accessible through Boylston Place. So, naturally, it’s a hot-spot for Emerson student pizza needs, even a $4 Pizza for Emerson Students deal at some point this semester.


But, to answer the question properly, no. It’s always no. The limit doesn’t not exist.

Here are some things every Emerson College student asks themselves.

5. Is this for real?

Art school is an interesting thing to grasp, in terms of assignments.


You and your friends form other schools are going to have very different experiences. When they have huge biology tests to study for, you’ll be writing a memoir about how you connect to Oprah, critiquing Lady Gaga videos while they do 20 page research papers.

Sure, it might seem fake, the topics are fun to make you think and relate more to the topics. Being a communications school with a strong theatre background, it’s important to be relevant with today’s media platforms and trends. Tell that to your friends at UMASS.

Here are some things every Emerson College student asks themselves.


6. Why are there so many ice sculptures?

Yeah, I said ice sculptures.

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At every special event the school throws in Center Stage at the Dining Center, to make up for parents being upset about the school’s dining hall choices, there is an ice sculpture. Could this go towards better food? Probably? Could it go towards the extensive buildings Emerson keeps buying? Probably. Will it? Probably not.


I don’t know why they’re there other than to melt on the table and look pretty, but they do look nice.

7. Why does everyone always dress up?

The typical image of college campuses consists of sweatshirts and flannel pants along all genders, waking up late to go to class. But, at Emerson, that isn’t the case. They dress in real-people clothes or Emerson Lion’s athletic gear all day long. These folks are extra af.

Here are some things every Emerson College student asks themselves.


8. Is college really worth it?

This question isn’t only for Emerson students, but everyone. Is the tuition worth the payout promised? Is all the stress worth the bottom line? I don’t exactly know. I’m hoping so since I’m paying for it, but hopefully having Emerson as one of the best Journalism programs in the country is helping with that.

9. Was that a worm in my broccoli?

Surrounding the student meme pages at Emerson for the last month has been pictures of rumored “maggots” in the broccoli that are actually just “broccoli worms.” Since Emerson gets all of its produce from local organic farms, without the pesticides to kill bugs it was bound to happen. Parents were outraged. The first time, they threw out that section of broccoli, but the second a day later promoted the school to throw out its entire broccoli shipment. It hasn’t been in the Dining Center since.

Here are some things every Emerson College student asks themselves.


10. Why does this ever have to end?

Despite Emerson’s problems, this past year has been one of the best experiences of my life. I’ve met new people branched out of my comfort zone, collaborated in some really cool projects of all different media. But, an undergraduate program is only four years long, if you take the expected credits. So, there is an end in sight. But, at least for now, it was fun while it lasted.

If you’re an Emerson College student then what are some of the things that you ask yourself? Tell us what you think in the comments!
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