10 Things Every Emerson College Student Asks Themselves


At Emerson, we crave to learn and all have inquisitive minds, however many of the questions we ask, are usually directed at ourselves. Here are 10 things every Emerson College student asks themselves while walking around the Iwasaki Library looking for a place to nap.

1. “Why do I have so much homework?”

Sometimes, it’s hard to believe that if you’re taking improvisation, movement and scene painting, you’ll be drowning in homework. Buckle up for those GenEd classes…sometimes those professors actually make you work for those four credits.


2. “Is that their natural hair color?”

Purple is genetically natural, right? Either way, we should get an award for “Most Colorful Campus.”



3. “So…I have to study for finals?”

We didn’t even have a designated “finals week” this past fall 2016 semester, classes just sort of ended…but that doesn’t mean you didn’t have 5 projects, 3 exams and a monologue presentation…because you did. You really, really did.

4. “Dunkin’ or Starbucks, today?”

Makin’ my way downtown to the Boylston-Tremont intersection where I have the


option to either walk diagonally to Dunkin’ or straight across to Starbucks…”which is the

shorter walk”, I ask myself. Starbucks it is.


5. “Do I really need those chicken fingers and curly fries?”

Yes. Yes you do. And get a Cherry Pepsi, Oreos and a Kit Kat while you’re at it.

You’ve earned them.


6. “Should I go work out?”

I don’t know…should you?

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7. “What the hell am I doing here?”

We all have that unnerving question in the back of our minds:  “what am I doing with my life?”; which eventually leads us down the road of tears and self-doubt. But have no fear, you’re in the right place, and your BFA  degree in Musical Theater will do you good somehow!


8. “So you’re telling me I shouldn’t have joined 10 clubs?”

Everyone at Orientation usually tells freshmen NOT to join more than 2 or 3 clubs, but they all end up joining at least 5. Having a cappella, dance, SGA and chapter for your Sorority all at 6PM on Sunday night is pretty impossible. Emersonians can do everything…except be in 4 places at once.

9. “Where do I start…?”

Homework, meetings, interviews, rehearsals, film shoots – where do you begin when you’re a busy Emersonian? You don’t. You watch Netflix in bed and avoid it all!


10. “Why did I pick *insert here* as a major?”

This can go for pretty much any major at Emerson, especially in the VMA or Performing Arts departments. Us Emersonians know our majors don’t garner a ton of support from our relatives and are usually a topic of argument at the Thanksgiving table. But, we have the Emerson Mafia Facebook page to help each other out with networking and finding work. Together, we can combat parents asking: “why are you still living in my basement?”, one theater major at a time.



Featured photo source: pinterest.com