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10 Things Every DU Student Should Do At Least Once

Being a DU student can be stressful. From the hectic quarter system to the construction slowing down your walks to class, it’s tempting to feel frustrated with the school.  But there’s also of a lot of awesome things you can do at DU. From the various clubs to the close proximity to the outdoors, there are plenty of activities DU students can do.

The University of Denver offers a ton of great things to do the whole year. So if you’re gonna come to DU, be prepared to have a lot to put on your bucket list! Because there’s a lot of fun events and activities to do. Here are 10 things every DU student should do at least once!

1. Participate In DU Breakfast Club

Midterms are super stressful, but you don’t have to supply your study fuel with only sad granola bars and microwave ramen! If you’re willing to wake up early, you can grab some free breakfast from the DU programming board. Every quarter there’s a breakfast week where free foods from donuts to pancakes are offered in various locations. Not only can you get some free food, but you also will usually have the possibility to snag a free shirt too!

2. Eat Like Royalty For Free At Etiquette Dinner

Another great event that offers free food is the yearly etiquette dinner. Aside from offering high-class food for free, you’ll also learn the proper business and food etiquette along the way and have the opportunity for networking. It’s a great educational event that’s free of charge. Sign up early because spots fill up fast!

3. Hike A 14er

If you’re in Colorado you’ll be in high elevation. Why not go even higher in the mountains and hike a 14er? A 14er has 14,000 feet and there are plenty of opportunities to hike one nearby.

There are a variety of trails from beginner to advanced that are 14ers so you don’t have to be an expert hiker to do one. With that being said, be sure to bring lots of water and bring an experienced friend or two because the elevation can take a toll on you!

4. Go On An Alpine Club Trip

A great way to get outdoors easily is to go on a trip with the Alpine Club. As DU’s largest club, DU students will have access to tons of cheap trips that include hiking, climbing, and skiing. Trips typically split people into groups of different skill levels, so you can have a good experience whether you are a beginner or advanced!

If you’d prefer to be doing mostly your own thing, Alpine club is still a good thing to take advantage of if you’re a skier because they offer affordable trips to the mountains. With these trips, you usually have the option to split up and just ski with some friends if you want to.

5. Make A Difference Day of DU-ing

On Earth Day at the University of Denver, you can make a difference by volunteering at Day of DU-ing. The event offers a variety of activities you can do to help the environment and local community. From sorting waste to managing gardens there are a lot of things you can do to help. Besides helping out the community, you’ll also get a free T-Shirt and pizza!

6. Attend Winter Carnival

This one is perhaps the most obvious event you should do. However, it is definitely worth it as you’ll get a weekend of skiing for cheap at one of the best resorts. Every year, you can go to Keystone and enjoy a weekend of food and fun events. Even if you don’t like to ski or can’t, you can go tubing or ice skating instead!

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7. Go To A Red Rocks Concert

This beautiful venue is near Denver and offers some of the best concerts around. The rocks surrounding the area, making it a perfect outdoor venue. Tons of artists have performed here from Ariana Grande to Billie Eilish. It’s definitely worth attending at least one concert here!

8. Cheer On DU At A Hockey Game

Show off your school spirit at a hockey game! You’ll get to watch one of the best hockey teams in the nation and cheer on your school.

9. Go See A Skintight Outrage Show

The improv team Skintight Outrage is always delivering hilarious shows for free. You can see a variety of funny skits and jokes at the show, plus it’s always free of charge!

10. Attend MusicFest

You can attend a great concert for cheap with MusicFest. Organized by the DU Programming Board, usually, the venue is at DU or closeby!

Are there any other events you think DU students should do at least once? Comment below and let us know!

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