10 Things Every Daughter Wants Her Mother To Know

A mother daughter relationship is a special one. This list consists of 10 things that every daughter wants her mother to know.

While in college I know I will make new friends that will last a lifetime; however, I know there will never be another you. A mother daughter relationship is unlike anything else, and I value it more than anything in the world, which is why I think it’s important that she knows just how much I appreciate her. So mom, even though we talk all the time, here are some things that you deserve to hear and that I want you to know. 

1. You Are My Best Friend.

I can’t think of another person that I would want to turn a “lunch date” into an entire day event with, complete with shopping and pedicures.



2. You’re My Safe Place To Share Gossip.

Thank you for listening to me tell the same funny story 21 times until it isn’t funny anymore.

3. You’re The Best Shopping Buddy.

You’ve taught me to bargain shop and you’re the only one who understands that I have to search the entire store before leaving.


4. All Of My Friends Love You.

You text at least 3 of my best friends and they are often just as amazed with your life advice as I am.


5. I Know You Only Push Me Hard Because You Want Me To Be The Best.

I wouldn’t be where I am today without you.

6. There Is Nothing Like Your Cooking.

You have taught me everything I know about cooking. And it is way more fun when everyone plays a part; including eating together.


7. Everything I Know About Fashion Came From You.

I may not always follow your rule about not wearing sweatpants in public, but since I was in diapers you’ve always taught me how to put together the best outfits.

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8. You’re My Ultimate Role Model.

You’ve raised me into the woman I am today while managing your career and I admire you so much for your strength and independence.

9. Our Car Ride Jam Sessions Will Forever Be My Favorite.

Let’s face it, early 90’s to 2000’s has the best music and because of you I can go straight from rapping Nelly to Fergie.


10. I Love You.

You are the most important woman in my life and I love you endlessly, because without you I would not be who I am today.

These are 10 important things every daughter wants her mother to know. Tell me about your mother daughter relationship in the comments!
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