10 Things Every Columbia College Chicago Student Asks Themselves

Being a student at Columbia College Chicago is about more than just skipping class to “make art” or smoke weed. It’s tough out there. If you’ve asked yourself these questions during your time in school, you aren’t alone.

1. What hair color should I get next?

If you’re considering going to an art school, the chances that you may have dyed your hair to “stand out from the crowd” are considerably high. Walking into class on the first day of a new semester is even more confusing because half the student body decided to change their look with a bottle of Garnier during the break.

2. Why am I paying so much for this?

Aside from Columbia College Chicago having an incredibly high tuition rate, you will also be required to spend tons of cash on expensive art supplies that you probably don’t even know how to use yet. Professors will also encourage you to print hundreds of images for projects that will end up in the recycling. Too bad you won’t be able to recycle any of the money you spent on printing.

3. Why do the CTA trains always smell like an unidentified substance?

Being a college student in Chicago means you’ll be riding public transit a lot. This does not mean you will ever get used to the weird smells and even more unusual sights of the CTA.

4. I wonder if I’ll actually get a job after graduation.

So you have a super obscure major, but you still want a killer job after you get that diploma. It’s no secret that working for Starbucks isn’t the creatively challenging job you’re dreaming of, but if it pays the bills…

5. Will my professor know I roasted them in my course evaluation?

With any luck, your negative feedback will prompt them to be even worse at teaching students in their future classes. At least you won’t have to deal with it though.

6. When will people stop asking me if I’m going to get a “real” education?

The short answer is easy. They never stop asking. Every family holiday and get together will be peppered with questions that will make you reevaluate your whole life thus far.

7. How do I stand out in a school full of art students?

You’ve tried everything from tie-dye to being an Emo kid, but nothing seems to make you any different from your peers. If you truly want to be a trendsetter, wear traditionally conservative clothing, pretend to enjoy your classes, and smile a lot. That’ll turn some heads.

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8. How many times will I fall on the streets this winter?

No matter how experienced you are with the sport of walking, the streets of Chicago will challenge you in totally new ways. By the time they graduate, the average Columbia student will have 12 bruises from street related incidents.

9. When is it acceptable to bring a blanket to class?

It’s cold, it’s windy, and you have a four hour class at 8:30 a.m. on a Monday. At this point, it’s definitely acceptable to bring half your bedding with you.

10. How do I tell my roommates they are actually super annoying?

Being at Columbia College Chicago will make you proficient at the art of passive aggressive language. You don’t actually have to tell your roommates that they’re total slobs, but you can imply it with every fiber of your being. They’ll get the message, and odds are, they won’t care.

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