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10 Things Every Colorado State University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Colorado State University Student Asks Themselves

If you go to Colorado State University, it's more likely than not that you ask yourself these 10 questions once a day. Read this article to see if you can relate!

If you go to Colorado State University, it’s more likely than not that you ask yourself these 10 questions once a day. Read on to see if you can relate!

1. Will I be able to sleep in 10 more minutes and still find parking on campus?

If Colorado State University lacks one thing, it’s places to park. It’s not an uncommon sight to see some poor sap making the trek from Mulberry Street all the way to campus. The fight for parking spots in the Library Lot can be ruthless; especially near finals week. Your best bet is to take advantage of public transportation or just bike to campus.

This is a question every Colorado State University student asks themselves

2. Who will I have to avoid on the plaza today?

Getting to campus is only half the adventure. Now you have to make it to class without being stopped by someone on the plaza. Whether it be a club member, campus administrator or an ASCSU campaign member, if they don’t have free food I’m late for class.

3. Do I really have to go to class in Clark?

Nobody can escape it. At least one of your classes will surely be in this godforsaken building. Those squeaky chairs, the harsh fluorescent lights; quite frankly, everything about Clark sucks. Unfortunately, Clark A’s massive lecture halls are the only space big enough to accommodate all the liberal arts students getting their science credit in Oceanography. None of us can avoid our core curriculum courses so we all end up in Clark one way or another.

4. What will they build next?

CSU, or as the Colorado State University students know it as, Construction State University. At any given moment, there’s always something being renovated or built on campus. It seems like all of the projects end up going past their expected timeline. Good ol’ Tony Frank has a vision. That vision involves orange caution cones and hard hats.

This is a question every Colorado State University student asks themselves

5. Speaking of T-Frank, what mysteries does that magical beard of his really hold?

He is the man, the legend, our steadfast president. If we’re being real, Tony Frank is as much of mascot as Cam. If you’re lucky you might have caught a glimpse of him at the Lory Student Center. He’s an elusive man for the most part but you can count on him making a sweeping speech at your commencement ceremony. His love for Colorado State University shows in just about everything he does. So as much as we scoff at every new construction site that pops up, we love our president/mascot/bearded hero.

6. Should I hit up Ramskeller before or after my exam?

This one’s for my 21+ crowd. Ramskeller is an oasis in a desert of homework and stress. Nothing beats meeting up with your friends and reveling over a pint of Odell after a long day of class. Sometimes, if you’re lucky, you might even catch some live music!

7. Where can I find a freshman to swipe me in?

Remember freshman year when you hated the dining halls? Ha! Past your first year, all you try to do is sneak your way in for some delicious, hot grub. After moving into your own place, it dawns on you how difficult it is to actually make yourself three meals a day. So you resort to cereal for dinner and stale popcorn for breakfast. One day you’ll figure out this whole cooking thing. For now, you’ll linger around Braiden Hall hoping someone will generously offer you a swipe.

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8. How did my $200 book only get me $10 at buyback?

This might be the most frustrating moment of your whole stay at Colorado State University. Don’t ask me how or why but the bookstore will give you laughable offers during textbook buyback. I’m talking less than 1/10 of the initial cost. Hopefully someday we’ll get to the bottom of this bizzare system, but for now try selling your books online instead.

This is a question every Colorado State University student asks themselves

9. Am I being sustainable with my gas use?

Rams are known to live green, maybe it’s something we picked up at school. Colorado State University is committed to sustainability and is currently working towards a goal to be carbon neutral by 2020. The university has received countless awards, including Tree Campus USA, and it was the first ever to receive a Platinum STARS rating for sustainable practices.

If you aren’t a sustainable Ram, you’re probably still a broke college student closely monitoring gas costs. Try using a fuel savings calculator to minimize use and better understand how gas efficient your vehicle is.

10. Where is the Mountain Campus and what exactly goes on there?

We’ve all heard whispers of this branch of CSU academia. It’s where the Warner kids slip away to in the summer for months at a time. And we’re all a little bit jealous they have their own private wilderness retreat to escape to. One day we might discover what goes on there. In the meantime maybe we can figure out what happens at the Foothills Campus.

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