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10 Things Every Baylor University Student Asks Themselves

10 Things Every Baylor University Student Asks Themselves

There are just some questions every Baylor student asks themselves at least once. Here are ten questions every Baylor University student has!

Do you really go to Baylor if you don’t throw up a Sic ‘Em at a random time, or ask where Cashion is? Trying to get from Carrol to the BSB is the absolute worst so you’re lying if you say you haven’t sprinted through Sid Rich’s parking lot (risking your life) or haven’t asked someone if they knew a shortcut. There isn’t one. Baylor’s a babe, but like every babe, there are questions–lots of questions. There are just some questions every freshman–or any Baylor student, really–asks themselves as they stand lost between Draper and Carrol. Here are ten questions every Baylor University student has!

1. “Where’s Cashion–What is that?”

Okay. I’m a freshman, and let’s be honest here: I didn’t know Cashion existed until maybe two weeks ago. Whoops. No one really knows what is in there other than maybe one comp sci lab.

2. “What is Dia?”

This is a biggie. I had no idea what this was, but apparently Baylor has basically a “Senior Skip Day,” but for every Baylor student. There are concerts, shindigs, and food, and everyone is super psyched about it for weeks prior.


3. “How many skips do I have left in Chapel?”

Everyone gets seven skips for Chapel. Seven. And, they run out fast.

4. “What’s the BANC?”

Just, this one. A lot.



5. “Why is it called Carrol Science if it’s the English building?”

I’m an English major, and I don’t know either.


6. “When’s formal?”

I ask this question all the time during the month of March.

7. “Wait, we’re how good at basketball?”

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We’re really good at basketball. Like, Elite Eight good.

8. “What’s the other building by Sid Rich that is identical to it?”

Oh, you mean Mars McLane? Yeah, I didn’t know it existed either.



9. “Why do the Dining Hall hours actually suck?”

We’re all starving, I know.

10. “Is ZZZ a fraternity or a sorority?”

Uh, I don’t know but they throw banging (and alcohol free!) parties!

What are other things every Baylor University student asks themselves? Share in the comments below!
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