10 Things Every ASU Student Asks Themselves

Whether you're new to Arizona State University or you're graduating, I can assure you that every ASU student asks themselves these questions.

Whether you’re new to the school or you’re graduating, I can assure you that you’ve asked yourself some of these questions from time to time. Going to college in Arizona definitely has it’s perks, but we’re also all too familiar with the Arizona heat. (Which you’ll read all about in this article) If you go to Arizona State, you’ll know all about these 10 questions that every ASU student asks themselves.

1. Is it shorts weather today?

LOL JK. It’s always shorts weather. #hot #hotter


2. Should I get a hot coffee even though it’s 95 degrees and sunny?

Let’s make that iced.

3. Should I take off my backpack, revealing my sweat stains, or just leave it on?

I think I’ll leave it on.


4. Should I wear sandals or sneakers?



5. When will it cool down?

Oh right, December.

6. Should I buy another pair of Chaco’s or Birks even though they’re $100+?

Yes because #sandals.


7. Is that class too far to walk comfortably? Should I take my bike/ board/ scooter/ blades?

Yeah, probably.

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8. Why is it so hot, it’s only 9am?

That’s just how it is.


9. Why is it so hot…it’s 9pm!?

We’re used to it by now.

10. Why is everything so beautiful?

The sunset, the sky, the trees, and especially the people.


All in all, I love Arizona State University and wouldn’t want to go anywhere else. Could you relate to any of these questions that every ASU student asks themselves? Share in the comments!
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