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10 Things To Do During Family Weekend At Ohio University

10 Things To Do During Family Weekend At Ohio University

Looking for something to do during family weekend at Ohio University? Keep reading for 10 things to do during Family Weekend at Ohio University!

September 15th is approaching faster than we know. For those of you that are oblivious to this date, it’s FAMILY WEEKEND at Ohio University! Receiving the phone call from your parents alerting you that they are attending may have made you cringe. Many students don’t know what to do with their visitors, and that is why we are here to help. But keep in mind that your parents will be on cloud 9 during their whole visit. Don’t stress! Keep reading for 10 things to do during Family Weekend at Ohio University. 

1. Visit the dining halls.

Whether it’s Nelson, Boyd, West 82, or anywhere in-between your parents will adore the dining halls. For some mysterious reason the dining halls excite parents more than anything else on campus. It’s nice to give them a flavor of what type of food you eat each day.

2. Tour the campus.

A standard tour may sound boring to both you and your parents. That’s why we suggest doing a personalized tour. You can do this by showing your parents your favorite spots to hang out, or where you spend your Saturday nights. This will give your parents a small look into what you do on campus, which is what most parents want.


3. Try the restaurants you’ve been dying to try.

Now is the time to take full advantage of your parents being with you. Visiting a restaurant that you’ve been dying to try will be fun for you (because they’re paying) and your parents (because they are with you).

4. Introduce them to the classics.

Now is the time to show them your favorite restaurants, coffee shops, and stores. Maybe this time around you can treat them to a quick snack, or even lunch.


5. Bring them to a football game!

Thankfully, the Bobcat Football team has a home game on the Saturday of parents weekend. (Saturday, Sept. 24th. Time: TBA). You should be sure to make time for this so you can give your parents a chance to mingle with other parents, while you enjoy OU sports together.

6. Introduce them to your friends.

Your parents want a look into your life at OU, and by introducing your friends you are doing exactly this! The introductions will also tell your parents that you are proud of them and you trust them to meet the people closest to you on campus.


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7. Visit the shops and get OU gear together!

Walk around and go to some stores that have OU gear and encourage them to get “Ohio University Mom/Dad” shirts. They will love repping your school and it will give you a good laugh too.

8. Go for a hike.

Not all that Athens has to offer is OU’s campus. There is also lovely scenery that can be found at places like the Ridges. Take your family for a nice hike or bike ride to really impress them.


9. Make use of their car.

Head to the local Walmart to get the easy-mac you have been dying for. Walmart is a place that must be taken advantage of when possible. Now’s the time to make full use of your parents being in town.

10. Surprise them!

Buy them cute gear, or make them a cake (if your dorm/house is capable). This will really impress them and show them how much of an adult you have become. Plus, who doesn’t like gifts?! It will be the perfect touch to Family Weekend at Ohio University.

What else do you recommend doing for family weekend at Ohio University? Comment below and share the article!
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