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Things Couples Can Do On A Rainy Day At Home

Things Couples Can Do On A Rainy Day At Home

It’s raining and a couple is stuck at home avoiding getting wet. They had plans to go out that are now ruined. What to do, what to do? Fortunately for them, there are plenty of exciting things to do at home for couples trapped by rainy days!

1. Movie Night or Series Binge


The go-to back up for any inactivity at the home, watching your favorite movies and shows are the perfect entertainment getaway for unexciting days. In the age of streaming services, catching up with everything is easier and more accessible than ever before! Just sit down, plop in something to watch, and let the coziness set in.


The only drawback to this, of course, can be if your partner absolutely cannot watch anything for too long before they fall asleep. Or maybe they just plain don’t like movies and television. If that’s the case, then check out the next idea!

2. Wine Painting

Painting as a kid? Boring. Painting as an adult? Your mileage may vary. Painting as an adult while drinking? Fun, fun, fun! Get into a looser headspace and get dirty with wine painting. This exercise requires the correct materials and a certain number of outfits to avoid getting everything inside the house too dirty.


Compete to see which drinking painter has a better-finished product! It is a fun, dizzying experience, especially knowing whatever you paint will be under the influence and a hilarious show! 

3. Build Forts!



If you can’t build forts with your partner, who are you going to build forts with? To some, this may just seem childish and silly. After all, only children build pillow forts to play in them. But part of the comforts of being mature is knowing when to let loose and have your own fun.

Fort building is a revisit to an innocent time that couples can finally share with one other, especially since it isn’t just an old story. It’s a chance to create a new story for a good memory. And plus, it’s just fun as hell!


4. Fix Things

Broken appliances no doubt lurk around every corner of the house, and couples can take the initiative to go out and find them! From the TV remote to the bathroom sliding door, anything that needs fixing or repairing can be done in a jiffy when you got two people working on ’em!

… Hey, this list says what couples can do at home, it didn’t say it had to be super romantic. Plus, working on projects together builds a healthier working relationship every couple needs.

5. Game Night



Couples can play games! Startup your computer or game console and play some multiplayer action! Be they competitive games like MMORPG’s or soothing life simulators, video games can be relied on to offer quality enjoyment couples can share with one another.

No matter what this golden age of video gaming has provided, board games will forever be a fixture of at-home entertainment. MonopolyClue!, and Chutes and Ladders are always handy to keep stored in the closet for such days. Go abstract and play charades or your own made-up games! The key thing is to always be sure you’re both having fun!


6. Online Shopping

Couples will invariably always need to go shopping for items they’re missing. It is also important for couples to check with each other first before any major budgetary spending. So, what better way to relay what they’ll need than by staying at home and shop?

Be it clothes, decor, collections, or necessities, couples will no doubt always be windowshopping. At the very least, online catalogs for Amazon, Walmart, and Best Buy are just nice to look at and fantasize about. Daydreaming is a pastime, right?


7. Fun-Time Cooking


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Do the two of you have culinary skills? Does one of you not? Do both of you not have any? In any situation, couples cooking together can prove to be a challenging and comedic recipe for entertainment, regardless of how good either of you is at it.


Compete to see who makes the best soufflé. Teach your partner how to make brownies. Learn to pour cereal in the bowl before milk! If cooking is a new avenue of adventure for both of you, just make sure not to blow up or burn down the house… Maybe get a third party or a better adult…

8. Dress Up!

Experiment and go wild with your outfit choices and wear whatever goofy things you can! Trudge up old Halloween costumes. Wear your man’s hand-me-down suit. Make your own garments out of bedsheets and kitchen pots. Try on each other’s clo — wait, no, one of you might stretch it out.


Well, either way, it’s fun for couples to just dress up in whatever goofy or out-there outfits they can find at the home! It’s a silly playtime that’s perfect for rainy days.

9. Get Busy in the Bedroom…



Hmm, what a shame you and your partner are trapped indoors from the rain with nothing to do except lay in bed together… Whatever shall the two of you do? Why not each other? Let’s assume you have the isolation and privacy to accomplish that goal. Couples that entertain each other in the bedroom will no doubt come up with creative sexual activities. 

Rainy days provide couples the chance of experimenting with some new ideas that can really spice up their sex life! Maybe merge it with a movie night for some “Netflix and Chill”?

10. Trips Down Memory Lane

Dust off your old yearbooks and settle in as the two of you elaborate on pasts without each other. A fun and personal activity to do as a couple would be to looking at old family photo albums, school yearbooks, and videos of yourselves. Talk about childhood experiences, detail embarrassing moments in your life, the possibilities for storytelling on this intimate level are boundless!


Does it rain often where you live? Let us know what you and your partner do at home when there’s nothing but wet days outside!

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