Things You Can & Can’t Bring to Temple

You’re standing in Target or Walmart and you’ve got your checklist and pen ready to go… But do you really have everything you need on your list? Or did you just write down things you thought you needed? While college really is the best few years of your life, you definitely don’t want to run into trouble with your RA during room checks… which means you definitely don’t want them to find out about the baby turtle you have hiding in your dresser or the plug-in griddle hidden underneath all your dirty laundry. Here’s a convenient list of all the things you can and can’t bring into your Temple dorm room, so you can keep yourself out of trouble.

Things You CAN Bring into a Temple Dorm Room


While a cup of coffee can be bought on campus with a meal swipe, it’s not really the most time-efficient to wait for it to be made. Skip the lines and bring a Keurig and all you favorite K-cups! The best part is that it can even make hot water for your ramen.


If you don’t have a printer, I suggest you invest in one. Even though you laugh at your friends who say that had to run to the Tech before their 8am, one day that might be you, and you won’t be laughing anymore!

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Power Strips/Extension Cords

Some colleges don’t allow extension cords in their dorms, but Temple is part of the group of those who do. Keep all your electronics safe and get a surge protector just in case the winter weather decides to take a turn for the worst this year.

Removable Hooks/Strips and Adhesive Tacks

Everyone knows to bring them—but does everyone know how important these little guys actually are? From personal experience, I could never have enough hooks or strips in my own dorm. If there’s a value-pack on sale before Fall semester begins, do yourself a favor and buy it.

Flameless Candles/Essential Oil Diffuser

Anything with a flame isn’t allowed in most college dorms, so Temple is no different. If you’re really craving a candle, a flameless one or an essential oil diffuser is your next best thing.

Noise-Cancelling Headphones

There have been countless times where all I wanted to do was lay in my bed and watch Netflix, yet my roommate decided she wanted to obnoxiously clean or invite loud friends over. Even if you just want to study peacefully with no music playing, headphones that drown everything out are going to become one of your favorite electronics.

Things You Can’t Bring into a Temple Dorm Room


This is probably the most obvious and self-explanatory thing on this list. Just don’t bring it, seriously. The price you’ll pay if you get caught is much more than the “fun” you think you’ll have.

Hot Plate

Even if you’re the type of person who eats toast every morning for breakfast, you still can’t bring a toaster to college with you if you live in a dorm. The same goes for skillets, toaster ovens and indoor grills. They’re a huge hazard and if accidentally left on, they could burn the whole building down.

Pets or Live Animals

No matter how cute you think they are, DON’T buy the turtles or fish that are sold on the streets just off campus. Even if you take perfectly good care of them, a tiny tank is no place for any live animal to live in. And, if your RA catches you, you have to get rid of the animal, which is a huge heartbreak all on its own.

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The same reason hot plates aren’t allowed is exactly why candles and incense aren’t allowed—they’re a huge fire hazard.

Personal Microwaves

Although everything nowadays can be made in a microwave—from brownies in a mug to scrambled eggs to pasta—Temple is very strict about what kind you have. Unless it’s the specific brand they offer in the MicroFridge package, it’s a no-go.

Bunk/Loft beds

A cool loft sounds like a great idea to most until you have to tear apart your newly decorated room. Bunk beds may be huge space-savers when you live in a tiny room but Temple is heavily against stacking beds or making them any taller than the original frame allows.

And there you have it, what’s allowed and not! Hope this article has been useful and saving you all from any trouble! Fly high, Owls!

What are some other things you can & can’t bring to Temple? Any advice for our student readers? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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