15 Things To Do When You’re Bored AF At West Chester University

Ah, boredom! A dangerous ailment that can prompt us to make stupid decisions. If you’re bored around West Chester University don’t fret! Use the following list as a guide to check “get arrested,” “make an enemy,” and “torment locals” off your bucket list.

1.  Get a tattoo at High Roller Tattoo Studio after getting turnt.

There’s a whopping .01% chance that you won’t regret it!

2.  Go Bong Shopping Near West Chester University.

The Moonflower Boutique on Gay Street has two giant cabinets filled with all of your recreational smoking needs. Green is the new black ;D

3.  Make Enemies Friends.

Walk up to Jaco Taco on West Gay Street and insist for a pastrami sandwich to go.  Remember to hold up the line in the process. Everybody loves ‘that guy’.

4.  Get Naugh-TEA.

Visit the TranquiliTEA Teahouse on North Church Street. The owner is a wonderful woman named Tracey!  🙂

5.  Become a Street Performer.

Show West Chester what you’re made of.

6.  Climb to the top of the Chester County Courthouse in broad daylight.

Watch out, those borough cops will get’cha!

7.  Play Hide and Seek in the Borough.

Grab some pals and hit the town!

8.  Dress Up Like Ronald McDonald and visit the Burger King on South High Street.

Be proud of those stripes and horrific curls.

9.  Hide in one of West Chester’s alleys and spook the locals.

Who doesn’t love a good alley scare?

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10.  Are you a student at WCU?  Roast your RA!

Because their job isn’t already hard enough!

11.  Count the Cobblestones down West Market Street.

Time well spent.

12.  Get Corny

Try Tropical Ice Cream CORN ice cream, located on North Church Street. You’ll go “maizey”.

13.  Hardcore Parkour after a night of partying.

“You didn’t do it unless it’s caught on video!”

14.  Head over to the American Nail Salon on East Gay Street and get a mani/pedi in your least favorite color.

You’re bored, okay?  You’ve got nothing to lose.

15.  Climb Rammy.

You know you want to. YOU. KNOW. YOU. WANT. TO.

Can you think of any other activities to do when bored at West Chester University? Comment below!
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Gracie Citro

Gracie is a freshman at West Chester Unviersity in Pennsylvania, double-majoring in secondary special education and earth and space science. As a firm believer in karma, love for all people, and animal rights, she is a passionate vegan and humanitarian. She loves her family, friends, and Mother Earth with all her heart. Her future endeavors consist of joining the Peace Corps to eduate children with special needs in developing nations, visitng global cow sanctuaries, and recieving her Master's degree in education.

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