10 Things Basic Girls Love About The Fall

If 2 or more of these fall activities make you want to throw on your sassy Halloween costume a month early and run to your nearest Starbucks, then I hate to break it to you honey, you’re basic (but like… in the best way). Here are 10 things basic girls love about the fall.

1. You partake in the PSL obsession.

This was obvious, right? If you didn’t see this coming, where have you been this entire generation?

2. Your room smells like a pumpkin latte, caramel, cupcake, cheesecake, spice thing.

Because Bath & body works has a fall sale and I need every mason jar filled, fall scented candle they sell. I will light them until they make me feel good about my life as I sit in bed on my laptop.

3. You go to a pumpkin patch strictly for Instagram.

You’re in heels that are sinking into the ground, you can’t possibly carry that giant pumpkin you picked out (or afford it) and you almost didn’t show up because your friend brought her boyfriend who insists on buying her some giant arrangement of sunflowers.

4. Your wardrobe suddenly turned into flannels and riding boots.

PSA from those of us who actually ride horses, you don’t look like an equestrian. But that tie around the waist flannel trend seems to be here to stay; keep riding that wave, ladies.

5. You have to take a picture of your booties in the leaves.


6. You live the rest of this season out in appropriate scarves.

Infinity scarf, Burberry scarf, blanket scarf; they all go with your fall Instagram theme and they all go with your leggings.


7. You’re already deep into a serious search for a Halloween costume.

So you have a few girlfriends, but you have no party to go to yet? This coordinated costume needs to be epic.

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8. You have found love, it’s called an apple cider mimosa.

It’s a mimosa..with apple cider. Hell, throw some fresh apples in there and coat the rim and caramel and we can turn this baby into sangria.

9. Bake fall goodies

Apple pie, pumpkin bread, caramel apples, cinnamon pumpkin cookies and whatever else you found on Pinterest this morning.

10. Pick out the perfect Thanksgiving outfit.

Yes, I picked this out a month ago. If I’m not the best dressed cousin then what will everyone talk about over dinner?

Have any other things basic girls love about the fall!? Share in the comments below!

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