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20 Things All Women Want In Bed

20 Things All Women Want In Bed

20 Things All Women Want In Bed

Most women have secret fetishes they get off on but won’t express that to their partners. Men, we get it. We know that you can’t read her mind. So, here are few things that she discretely wants from you to keep her feeling requited in the bedroom.

1. Get kinky

Most women enjoy kinky sex on some sort of degree. I think that the majority of women like it when a guy spanks them or gently pulls their hair. Anything that makes us feel a little it dirty but still respected as a woman is essential and acceptable.

2. Use your words

Women love communication not only in their real lives, but in their sex life as well. Communite with her. Tell her how turned on you are and when something feels good. It is super hot for her to hear that. We don’t want you to be silent. It’s a major buzz kill and bores us. Tell her how sexy she looks. Tell her how good it feels.

3. Be spontaneous

With our lives being so hectic and busy, it can get in the way of the important things – like our intimacy time. Women want spontaneous sex, which can be hard to accomplish nowadays. Even if it sounds like a total oxymoron, planned spontaneous sex still counts as being spontaneous. Women like to talk to their partner about what they like and what they want. It helps build up the tension to finally unleash on one another when the time is right to.

4. Tease her

Women love to be teased. The reason for that is unknown. It builds up suspense and messes with her mind. Kiss all over her body and whisper in her ear. Women go nuts for that.

5. Use foreplay

Women seriously love foreplay, and lots of it. It’s a known fact that women typically take longer to reach an orgasm than men do, so foreplay is key. You want to know that she is fully aroused before jumping into things.

6. Take control

Many women love to be dominated in the bedroom by their man. (Not in their normal, everyday lives, sorry guys.) It creates a certain type of fantasy that becomes an addiction. You never know, maybe she wants to be the one doing the dominating every once and awhile. Go with it. Playing these roles can be extremely sexy and satisfying for both of you.

7. Make eye contact

Women love to feel the intimacy that sex brings, especially through eye contact. Look into her eyes. Pay close attention to the facial expressions she makes. When she likes something, it will  be obvious by her reaction. Eye contact is sexy and creates a deeper connection between the both of you.

8. Be attentive

Women love when their man pays attention to what they like and don’t like. If she seems to enjoy a particular thing, take note of that and do it again next time. We want to feel like nothing else matters in that moment other than pleasing us.

9. Respect her

Many women love to be dominated and tossed around a little bit, but we also want to be respected during sex. Always talk about boundaries, safe words, or signals that things have gone too far. Be respectful always.

10. Take your time

Women hate when men rush things in the bedroom. You shouldn’t be focusing only on your own personal needs. Don’t be selfish, and take things slow. Women tend to like slower, more sensual penetration and will often be turned off by rushed sex.

11. Console her

Women like to feel embraced after being intimate. There’s something about skin to skin contact that we enjoy. Be sure that she is consoled after the deed is done.

12. Set the mood

Many women feel more turned on when the mood is set. Light some candles, throw on some music, dim the lights, make the bed. These little gestures can make a world of difference in her mood.

13. Kiss her

Many women enjoy lots of making out before and after sex, and not so much during. A passionate kiss to start things off is key. Biting of the lip and using lots of tongue is a plus.

14. Make the first move

Don’t expect her to throw herself at you right away. Women like when you make first move. Pick her up and carry her into the bedroom. Throw her onto the bed.

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15. Keep an open mind

Many women are into trying new things in the bedroom. Have an open mind about it. Explore your options together. Who knows, maybe you have a fetish you had no idea about.

16. Use toys

Many women use toys on themselves. A majority of us like when our partner uses them for us. It heats switches things up a bit and adds some heat to the equation.

17. Watch porn

Although men are said to watch porn far more religiously than women, that doesn’t mean we aren’t open to watching it with you. Put a video of her choice on the screen, even if you don’t watch the entire thing. Use it as background noise.

18. Rough play

Women like when you are rough, but not too rough. Tell her what to do. Throw her around. Show her who’s boss. (FYI: This won’t work anywhere BUT the bedroom, sorry guys.)

19. Dirty talk

Although dirty talk can feel awkward and forced at first, it’s super sexy when you get into it. One of the  #1 things women want in the bedroom is their partner to talk dirty to them. Even if it’s uncomfortable and strange at first, don’t knock it until you try it.

20. Have fun with it

Women love the passion and intensity in sex but they also like to have fun with it. Don’t take things too seriously, and keep things fun. Be lighthearted and let her know that you are enjoying every second.

There you have it guys, everything and anything a woman could ever want in bed. Use these tricks and I promise she’ll be coming back for more!

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