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10 Things All Guys Should Wear

10 Things All Guys Should Wear

10 Things All Guys Should Wear

For most women, picking out an outfit is an art. Combine a dash of personal style with weather consciousness, trend-level, accessories, and an aspect of comfort. Occasionally we dull it down on blustery winter days or for final season – when all you want is to live in sweatpants for a week.

Men, on the other hand, often look like they blindly reached into a thrift store from 2010 and grabbed whatever came first – a sports jersey or button up with some pattern that would scar some for life. When I see a well-dressed man most of the time I am unsure if I’m attracted to him or just the fact that he doesn’t look like he belongs in Superbad. 

Here are 10 things guys should wear to step up their style game.


1. Black or grey jeans

Sorry boys, but you’re behind the times. Not only are dark colors ultra slimming, but they are also easy to pair with and make any outfit look much more polished. Whether it’s some sneakers or dress shoes – dark pants are a must.

2. Denim jacket

Versatile, and a trend that seems to never die. Whether paired with a t-shirt or sweater, you’ll be sure to get a second glance from the girl (she probably hates your Steelers sweatshirt).

3. Nice flannel

Maybe this is personal preference coming from a Coloradoan, but nothing says rugged and sexy to me quite like a nice flannel. Pair it with dark pants and a white tee or lighter jeans and a trendy logo tee.


4. White button up

Admittedly more formal, but can be dressed down with some denim. If you have a hot dinner date or are going to an event, a crisp white button up can make any outfit look elegant. Except for cargo shorts.

5. Thick knit sweaters

Sell your sweatshirts and invest in some neutrally toned sweaters instead. Bonus points if they have a slight turtle neck (hi, Dwayne Johnson). You’ll be warm, comfortable, and likely to make that pretty girl from your ecology course do a double take.

6. Gold jewelry

Jersey Shore fans, sit down. I don’t mean layers of gaudy chains. The simpler the better – try one nice chain or a simple watch. You’ll look like a million bucks but can save your pennies by purchasing fake gold or plated gold jewelry.

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7. Beanies

Comfortable and likely to make you look like the dream guy from an indie movie. In winter months a grey or black beanie also can keep you warm! Pair a beanie with a plain sweatshirt, or t-shirt and flannel for a cozy look that says “I give great cuddles.”

8. Black and white v-neck tees

And not the one from Hanes that you’ve had since eighth grade. Invest (and by invest I mean spend more than $15) on a nice tee that makes you look straight out of a catalogue. Pair it with slacks, denim, or black jeans for a super simple look that’s both put together and easy to accomplish. Lazy guys, this one’s for you.


9. Belts

The sagging trend died in a fiery hell many years ago. Pull your pants up and accessorize simply with a brown or black belt. For some reason belts make you look like you can properly file taxes and have a super cute Labrador puppy. Not sure why, but it’s science.

10. Grey joggers

From a vetted super fan of grey joggers I can confirm that this is just about the sexiest thing a man can wear. Guys think that women don’t respect a nice butt. We do.

Have any style-musts that were missed? Comment yours down below!

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