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10 Things That Actually Happen During USC Sorority Rush

10 Things That Actually Happen During USC Sorority Rush

Rumors circulating our campus range from unbelievably scandalous to downright bizarre. Here are things that ACTUALLY happen during USC Sorority Rush!

What REALLY happens during USC Sorority Rush? Come the first days of fall semester, the rumors that circulate our buzzing campus range from unbelievably scandalous to downright bizarre in nature, that understandably spawn curiosity in even the most anti-Greek student. I decided to see what all the hype was about for myself and decided to Rush. Let’s just say, it was quite the experience and is certainly not for everyone, myself included. But, I walked away with an inside scoop into the week that non-Greeks only hear about. Here are 10 things that actually happened during USC Sorority Rush!

1. The PNMs are kindly directed to USC’s Panhellenic “Look-Book”.

It’s no surprise that sorority rush entails presenting your best self socially…and physically. That being said, are pre-planned outfits a necessity to surviving the week? Well, there just so happens to be a very put together outfit suggestion guide that PMNs (potential new members) are directed to before they officially begin the rush process…so, I’d say so.

2. USC “gear” is required.

I adore USC from the bottom of my heart, but I did not have the chance to stock up on USC apparel during my first couple of days on campus. That was a problem given day one of the official Rush process which REQUIRED each PNM to wear a USC T-shirt. And by required, I literally mean the RCs (recruitment counselors) were prepared to give you a shirt the day of if you missed the memo.



3. Pre-Rush workbooks are provided.

Alright, so the USC Panhellenic counsel understands how overwhelming the rush process is and wants to make sure PNMs go into the week with a clear mind. That being said, in an attempt to help PNMs consolidate their personal desires and goals, they are given a little self-exploration workbook of sorts, filled with boxes to be checked and questions to be answered.


4. USC Sorority Rush is pretty intense.

If there is one thing I learned from rushing, it’s that the Greeks and potential Greeks at USC take recruitment very seriously. PNMs come equipped with more than five letters of recommendation, outfits planned weeks in advance, and perfectly delivered responses during house tours. Let’s just say the competition is steep.


5. Joining a USC sorority isn’t cheap.

Something became very apparent to me as I got to know my fellow PMNs and current active members: the vast majority comes from affluent backgrounds. But to be fair, USC does have one of the highest tuition in the entire country, competing with and even topping IVYs. So, its no surprise that USC chapter dues exceed *cough* $2,000 a semester…! Hmmm, I wonder if that influences who rushes…?

6. ABSOLUTELY no alcohol during the week of USC Sorority Rush.

“Under no circumstances are you allowed to consume alcohol during the week of rush, nor should you be seen with or around alcohol,” or else! Ok, that was a tad dramatic, but RCs will remind you what seems like a hundred times, so…just wait a week!


7. The PNMs will be ranked on a scale of 1-10.

Ok, as crazy as it sounds, each house has to utilize an easy method of ranking the PNMs during the rush process in order to make matching PNMs with the right house easier…and what easier way than from 1-10? Some find it unsettling to be ranked a “7,” while others see it simply as one step closer to being matched perfectly!

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8. You will be judged with a smile.

We would be fooling ourselves if we did not acknowledge the fact that USC Sorority Rush involves judgment. But still, there is just something unsettling about being judged with never faltering, glistening-white smiles during house tours.

9. You will have to decipher many mixed signals.

Everyone wants to look good and present their best selves, actives and PMNs alike. With that being said, one can feel like they are walking on eggshells all week, attempting to decipher which smile was genuine and which one was, well… not!


10. There will be many photo-opps.

Pheeww! The week of house tours and uncertainty is coming to a close and it’s finally Bid Day—time to document. Enviable tumblers and #lifestyleinspo worthy Instagram accounts don’t create themselves! Aside from finding your new home, on Bid day, new members will be posing with their letters on their house lawns for as long as it takes to get that “insta-worthy” shot.

What are some other things that actually happen during USC Sorority Rush? Comment below and share this article with friends!

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