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10 Things That ACTUALLY Happen During Northeastern Sorority Rush

Northeastern sorority rush is like nothing you’ve ever seen in a movie and while some schools expect you to choose what sororities to rush right off the bat, NU gives you the chance to meet everyone first. Recruitment consists of a series of brief but telling meetings with every sorority on campus on day one. Every day, a mutual ranking process narrows the meetings down until on the final night you are left with a maximum of two matches. At this point, you will have taken each chapter’s service, scholarship, and sisterhood into account t make the decision that fits best for you. Keep reading for more information about what ACTUALLY happens during Northeastern sorority rush!



Recruitment this year will be held September 16-25, which give you plenty of time to prepare by checking out the following list of things that ACTUALLY happen during Northeastern sorority rush:

1. You will develop an introduction script.

There are 9 sororities on campus and you will probably meet way more than one person at every one. By my calculations, you will need to introduce yourself at least 42 times throughout the rushing process. On day one, you may come in ready to impress, but by the last day, you will have developed a an easy introduction that will consist of your name, year, major, and maybe even a fun fact! Good luck.

2. You will partake in Mutual Ranking.

The same way you have a say in what sororities you want to continue seeing, so do the active sisters. Every night, you will rank them in order of which ones you liked best 1-9 and they will rank you. The next day, your list of sororities to visit will be shorter. Don’t worry, if you feel a spark, they probably do too! This process will get you to where you need to be.


3. You will make new friends who will end up in different sororities.

This is INEVITABLE. When you are divided into your rho gamma groups, you will make some really great friends and there is only a 1 out of 9 chance they’ll end up in the same place as you. Thankfully, this is not goodbye. The panhellenic community at Northeastern encourages you to keep up great relationships with girls outside of your srat. We are all subjected to the support and #PanhelLove that being a part of this community provides.

4. Someone will most definitely cry.

And honestly, it might be you. Rush can be an emotional roller coaster and you will be encouraged to let your feels fly free as this process makes you a home. Get ready for the happy tears and the surprise tears and always remember that waterproof mascara.

5. Your Rho Gamma will become your lifeline.

Rho gammas have been assigned to you for guidance and unbiased support, and this is definitely what they do. You’d think that they would lean towards their sorority, but having gone through the process myself, I can assure you that you can be super honest with them and they won’t even bat an eye if you mention their chapter. I cried at mine and they stayed strong for me.

Bonus: You will try and guess what srat they’re in. You will probably be wrong.


6. You will hear rumors.

Unfortunately, we live in a world where rumors are a thing and more often than not they are untrue and stereotypical. You may hear one or two within the rush process because some people rushing beside you may be have friends who are already a part of greek life in Northeastern. Try your best to approach this process with an open mind and no bias. What works for your best friend, might not work for you. Trust me.

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7. You will run into people you kind of know.

Sorority rush has a way of bringing hundreds of lovely ladies with different interests together for a few days. You will run into someone from orientation, someone from you coop class, someone who lives in your building, and a friend of a friend. You can quote me on this. Whether or not it is an awkward reunion is on you.

8. You will forget someone’s name.

Do not panic! You will definitely meet a great girl with perfect hair or great nails and you will want to be her best friend but you may forget her name. It happens to the best of us, so keep a lookout for the name tags and start coming up with mnemonic devices to stay on track. The girls running recruitment have most likely been exactly where you are and this is not a deciding factor on whether they will want you back or not!


9. You will learn to avoid the 5 Bs.

The five B’s: boys, booze, Barack, bibles and bills are a great way to stay on track during recruitment. These topics can be distracting to what rush is really about so you’ll learn quickly to stay away from them. If they do come up though, don’t freak out! Just be yourself.

10. You will find a home after attending Northeastern sorority rush.

It might take you a thousand steps (don’t forget your fitbit ladies), a few outfits borrowed from your roommate, and an open mind, but you may just find a chapter fit for you at the end of all this. A family of over a hundred girls who can’t wait to see you grow academically, become a leader, express yourself, and be the best, most unapologetic version of you. They will be around when boys aren’t, when finals are looming, and when you need someone to lend you a hand. You might just find a home. I did.


What are some other things that actually happen during Northeastern sorority rush? Comment below and share this article with friends!
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Laura Camila

Laura Camila is a Northeastern Middler from Puerto Rico. She may or may not be the girl your mother warned you about, but she lives her life like her blood type is B Positive anyways.

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