5 Things About Kim Kardashian West’s CBD Baby Shower

Kim Kardashian West never disappoints when it comes to her extravagancies, and her baby shower for her fourth baby with Kanye West was no exception. She surprised everybody when she announced that the theme for the baby shower was going to be CBD. That’s right, cannabidiol. While CBD doesn’t make you high, and it is non-psychoactive, it does help you relax, and as Kim Kardashian West feeling a little freaked out about aby number four, this was the perfect theme for her. “So, because I’m freaking out, and the baby’s coming in, like, two weeks, I thought, ‘what better way to celebrate than to have a little CBD?” Kim Kardashian West said to her friends. Here are 5 things that happened at Kim Kardashian West’s glamorous CBD baby shower!

1. Sound Bath

There were blue decorations all over the party, showing how serene and calm this baby shower is meant to be. There were blue seats, blue flowers, and other blue decorations, but that’s not the only thing keeping things calm at this baby shower. The baby shower included a sound bath. With CBD oils surrounding the party for guests to use whenever they felt they needed more, Kim Kardashian West and her guests all laid on yoga mats outside while a person rubs pestle around crystal bowls. It is used to bring relaxation and bring you to a higher level of consciousness, as well as to help with meditation, and it did just that for Kim Kardashian West’s guests at her baby shower.

5 Things About Kim kardashian West’s CBD Baby Shower

2. CBD Bath Salts

Kim Kardashian West’s guests were able to fill up a little jar with bath salts already infused with CBD oil and topped these salts with various things such as rose petals and lavender. This is a perfect goodie for her guests to take home with them and enjoy their bath with, as they can make it have as much CBD as each person prefers, and Kim Kardashian West’s guests can make them smell and have effects that each of her guests wants it to have!

3. CBD Body Oil

Kim Kardashian Wests’s guests were able to make their own CBD oil to take home with them at the party. They were able to make oils with different ingredients that were placed around the table, making them each their own. They were also able to add as much or as little CBD to their oils as they liked, making the CBD oils that they left with something that was perfect for each person!

5 Things About Kim kardashian West’s CBD Baby Shower

4. Guests Left with CBD goodies

Before leaving, Kim Kardashian West gave guests tons of goodies in their extraordinary gift bags, all with the theme of CBD (Kim Kardashian West knows how to stay on brand). These included beauty products as well as sweets. These products were from the brands Grön, Humble Flower Co., Mr. Moxey’s, Wildflower, Pure Ratios, Vertly, and many more, all of which have products that include CBD.

5. The Yeezy Spa

Much like the rest of the blue decorations that were set up for the baby shower, when Kim Kardashian West gifted her guests with Yeezy slides, they, too, were blue. Kim Kardashian West’s guests were able to enjoy these slides while walking around the fabulous baby shower, but also while they received messages and relaxed throughout the day. All of her guests were feeling zen all day long! I wish I could say the same.

5 Things About Kim kardashian West’s CBD Baby Shower

What do you think of Kim Kardashian West and her extravagant CBD themed baby shower? Have you ever used any CBD products? Let me know in the comments down below!

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