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6 Things A Purdue University Student Never Says

6 Things A Purdue University Student Never Says

Purdue University is a respectable school! Here are things you will never hear a Purdue student say. Being a Purdue student is a serious privilege.

I have been a student at Purdue University for almost a year now, and while I love my school there are certain things that have become apparent to me whether its through other people or my own experiences. There certain things that are just very apparent at Purdue University. Here are a few of them that you will never hear a true Boliermaker say:

1. “IU is actually a pretty respectable university.”

Virtually the only time you will ever hear the word IU come out of a Purdue’s student mouth is to say the sentence “IU sucks.”

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2. “I can always find a place to park my car.”

Unless you have an A parking pass, it is virtually impossible to find to a place that is close enough to campus to park your car.

3. “I have so much free time.”

Us, Purdue students go to the number one public school in Indiana, so we virtually nether have any free time.

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4. “The weather here is so predictable.”

The weather is virtually always changing, it could sunny one day and snowing the next.

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5. “I wish our campus was more spread out, everything is too close together.”

We have quite a convenient campus to get around on. Everything is pretty close to walk to.

6. “I have never met someone involved in Greek life.”

Greek Life is pretty big thing there, almost everyone is involved.

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