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These Thanksgiving Day Appetizers Will Have You Salivating

These Thanksgiving Day Appetizers Will Have You Salivating

Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of the year that can be traced back to the meeting between the Plymouth colonists and the Wompanaug Indians. It’s a time of joy, harmonizing, and family….I’m just kidding. That’s all an excuse to cram food down our throats, and submit to our insatiable lust for desserts. More like it’s a time to forget the obesity epidemic and eat like a twelve-year-old. That’s the spirit of Thanksgiving that I’m trying to capture. This list will not offer new, healthy recipe ideas. It is essentially shameless food porn. With that said and done, let’s get into the thirteen best Thanksgiving Day appetizers that will leave you salivating.

1. Pizza Rolls

I wanted to list at least one frozen appetizer for the horrible cooks out there like myself. These Thanksgiving day appetizers are perfect if you’re desiring to fall into a blissful food coma. They’re extremely easy to make and redolent of SNL commercials and your mom’s lazy meals. Or at least for me they are. Regardless of their meaning to you, pizza rolls are a nostalgic, easy way to kick off your Thanksgiving meal.

These Thanksgiving Appetizers Will Have You Salivating

2. Queso

This thanksgiving appetizer will break your belt and leave you wanting more. No queso is enough queso. Try this appetizer with some broccoli. It’ll negate the health, but at least you’re not eating chips with queso. And even if you were, it’s thanksgiving. Don’t take life so seriously.

3. Guacamole

Continuing with different Mexican dips, why not add Guacamole to the mix? Guac can be one of the few healthy foods that contains high amounts of fat, which means its perfect for someone who’s naturally emaciated like me. But of course you don’t care about that on Thanksgiving Day. You want a Thanksgiving Day appetizer that can fill you up and offer a blast of flavor, and Guac is the perfect man for the job. Just make sure to add some spices.

4. Chili Dip

Out of all the different dips I’ve mentioned, chili dip is without a doubt my favorite. It’s a shockingly underrated dip. I recommend mixing both it, queso, and guac to create a flavor that is…inexplicably delectable. I’ve never had anything quite like it, and I would honestly shamefully try it again at the next Thanksgiving.

These Thanksgiving Appetizers Will Have You Salivating

5. Hummus

Rounding off the dips on this list, hummus can’t be overlooked. Hummus is a polarizing dip. Some people love it, and most people hate it. But the people who love it like me love it ardently, so I think it would be a huge injustice not to add it to the list. Much like chips, hummus is very diverse. It comes in many different flavors. I myself love blackpepper hummus, but you can’t really go wrong if you’re a hummus addict like me. What’s more, hummus will be a healthy addition to the many appetizers at your next Thanksgiving wing ding. But again, you could care less about that.

6. Pigs In A Blanket

Pigs in a blanket have been a family tradition of mine. Of course I didn’t make them growing up. I just knew how to inhale them. Pigs in a blanket aren’t messy like the other appetizers on this list, and they’re very popular. I’m guessing you’ve already tried this classic, but if you haven’t, then what the hell are you doing with your life?

7. Sushi

Simple crab flavored sushi done well has to be one of my favorite Thanksgiving Day appetizers. Although you’ll likely try an Americanized version at a Thanksgiving dinner, appropriated food can be so good. It doesn’t taste like you’d imagine racism tasting at all. To be quite honest, I love it. Having said that, I haven’t ever had authentic sushi, so that may send me to another universe.

8. Egg Rolls

Keeping with Asian Thanksgiving Day Appetizers, let’s include egg rolls. Because why not? They’re delicious, and if they’re done the right way, they offer a crunch and a tenderness that is incomparably delicious. Try them with sweet and sour sauce to add a tang that nicely accompanies the delicious texture of the egg roll. Also, it’s important to note that unlike sushi, egg rolls are widely loved and won’t cause a riot during the family wing ding. Plus, they can be relatively healthy.

These Thanksgiving Appetizers Will Have You Salivating

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9. Fried Pickles

These will hit you like a train later, but for the time being, they’ll be a delicious thanksgiving appetizer that you won’t be able to keep your hands off of. The breaded texture adds another dimension to the robust tang of the pickle. I prefer these with ranch, which makes them all the more unhealthy for you. But who cares? It’ll catch up to us later, right?

10. Mini Loaded Potatoes

This is another tradition of mine. It’s typically a given that I put bacon bits, sour cream, and green chili on top, but you can also add cheese for the maximum burst of flavor. This is one of the few appetizers that I’ve actually made myself, so I know firsthand that adding the perfect amount of toppings can be difficult for such a small appetizer.

11. Fruit Kabob

If you’re wanting something sugary, yet healthy, try a fruit kabob. This is another tradition that runs in my family. After trying different fruit kabobs at various wing dings, I’ve come to prefer a combination of bananas, watermelon, kiwi, and strawberry, but you can choose whatever floats your boat. Any Thanksgiving Day appetizers consisting purely of fruit are great because they’re easy to make and they satiate your sweet tooth if only for a little while.

These Thanksgiving Appetizers Will Have You Salivating

12. Deviled Eggs

Deviled eggs are delightful Thanksgiving Day appetizers that will keep everyone fat and placable. My mom used to make this dish all the time, and after having them dinner after dinner, I can emphatically say that I’ll never get tired of a good deviled egg.

13. Shrimp

Shrimp is by far the undisputed best seafood, and it’s also a perfect Thanksgiving appetizer. Though it may be on the more expensive side of things, the perfect amount of flavor and tenderness is worth the extra dollars. I would advise using a sweet chili dipping sauce and wrapping the shrimp in bacon to really heighten the flavor. Trust me. You won’t be disappointed.

Are you happy with this list? Did I miss some of your most nostalgic Thanksgiving day appetizers? Comment down below.

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